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Konsultori has rich experience in working with accelerators. Our expert trainers’ workshops have received excellent feedback as they have prepared founders well for working on their challenges.

At the Global Startup Awards 2023, Konsultori was named “Global Ecosystem Hero of the Year”. This recognition highlighted the successful work of the last ten years in educating startups and working with investors and accelerators.

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Why collaborate with Konsultori?

Konsultori workshops are a good choice for accelerators who want to provide startups with quality training from experienced trainers that leads to positive results and growth.

Expert trainers

Konsultori trainers have broad expertise in investor process, strategic growth, negotiations, organisational design and finance. They provide hands-on training and valuable insights for all participants.

Flexible delivery

You can book live workshops or online courses worldwide. In addition, we offer some courses with digital self-learning options.

Dynamic teaching

Konsultori trainers are known for their lively and interactive teaching style. They actively involve participants during the sessions, creating a highly effective learning environment.

Effective learning

Clear logic, real examples, simple diagrams and practical exercises. So far, more than 7,000 startups have participated in our trainings. The feedback is great: 1.2 on a scale from 1 (excellent) to 5 (could be better).

Impressive collabs

Konsultori has a strong track record of supporting over 141 accelerator programs. This experience and follow-on bookings prove that we are able to deliver quality workshops and courses effectively.

Excellent feedback

Konsultori workshops consistently receive positive feedback from startup program managers and participants. The Global Startup Awards recognized Konsultori's work in the startup ecosystem.
workshops we provide

Mergers & Acquisitions


Raising money from investors

Get prepared to professionally approach investors to accelerate fundraising. Learn how to start fundraising, which documents to prepare and when to share, how to calculate and challenge your company valuation.


Negotiation skills for beginners

Learn negotiation tactics with suppliers and customers, their differences, how to prepare for a negotiation, what is tactically important to achieve good results, and to de-brief with style to improve tactics in future negotiations. 


Negotiation skills for experts

Take your negotiation tactics to the next level and learn special features of sales, partner and investor negotiations, how to get more out of negotiations, how to deal with challenging settings and set your focus.


Startup valuation

You will learn different valuation methods for startups, how to use valuation methods to prepare for investor meetings, where to get benchmark data from and how to prepare argumentation and defend the startup value.


Corporate venturing

Get familiar with Corporate Venturing initiatives and models. Find out more about typical expectations of startups, how to choose corporate venturing models for different goals and phases, and much more.


Legal terms & frameworks

When getting investors on board, you would like to understand the term sheet. Get familiar with key legal terms and frameworks. Learn strategies to efficiently negotiate and successfully complete your M&A process.


Startup financing

Learn about typical funding options for startups, how you define your financing needs, create a realistic financial plan, select the right financing options and develop a financing path.

workshops we provide

Organization design


Organization design

A holistic understanding of organizations and their key design elements allows for more flexibility and creativity when responding to the challenges your organization is facing. If you want to professionalize and future-proof your organization you will benefit from a broader toolset and all-round perspective.


The HR toolbox

If you want to pay more attention to your employees, their well-being and performance, you will benefit from the impact of a fit-for-purpose HR role and essential HR practices: From recruiting & onboarding over talent management & development to job categorisation, compensation and performance management: career management, the importance of feedback and reflection. Even organizations without a dedicated HR function can thus create a professional and people-oriented working environment.


OKR: Objectives & results

OKRs allow to turn strategy into action and to align strategy, employees and their performance. Furthermore, by introducing OKRs organizations and their leaders can develop a powerful participatory leadership instrument which encourages taking ownership and accountability across the entire organization.


Designing Employee participation programs

The workshop offers an allround view on employee participation: from legal, strategic and organizational perspectives. Founders and entrepreneurs will receive orientation and a solid foundation for decision-making with regards to implementing and designing employee participation programs. 

workshops we provide



Online marketing

Increase your growth through efficient online marketing. Identify optimal channels and grow at reasonable costs. You will learn to identify your ideal customers when to open additional online channels, and a lot more.


B2B sales and pricing

Learn how to run an efficient sales process to acquire new B2B customers. Define pricing models and price levels, define your B2B sales model, revise your key sales processes, and maximize margins while staying competitive. 


Growth hacking tactics

Learn to define the right growth hacking tactics for your startup by starting with the ideal customer profile. Prioritize your channels and tactics and learn how to measure.


Revise strategy

Revise your strategy in changing times. Look back, analyze your strengths and trends, develop options, and make new decisions. Consider the implications and create a new implementation plan. 


Build cooperations

Increase your growth through collaborations. Learn about partnership models, partner profiling, and how to make long-term partnerships work. Select the right model for you and plan for implementation.


Partnering and Market Entry models

Expansion and new market entry. Learn about international market entry models, how to calculate market potential both in your home market as well as abroad, what is TAM-SAM-SOM, how to select the right markets and which model to use for market entry.


Shape your business model

Learn to use the fundamental concept of the Business Model Canvas (BMC) in all its elements. Run variations of your product and BMC to increase success, define key partners, understand your cost structure, and how to work with your customers.

This is how we do it

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Konsultori Trainers

Petra Wolkenstein © Konsultori

Petra Wolkenstein

Business development is Petra Wolkenstein’s passion. She guides startups and innovative SMEs in growth issues, be it in international market entry, lead generation, new business fields, the development of cooperations, the acquisition of investors or in the accompaniment of company acquisitions and sales.

Michael Kubiena © Konsultori

Michael Kubiena

Michael has over 20 years of international experience as a head of HR departments, both in startups and large companies, especially in the ICT and services industries. He is therefore very familiar with topics such as strategic HR, compensation and performance management, talent management and HR systems.

Franziska Kolk © Konsultori

Franziska Kolk

Franziska Kolk is General Partner Startup Wise Guys and CEO of 3EG Technologies. As an early-stage investor, she works with startups in Africa and Europe, where she acts as a startup advisor. She specialises in business development, financing and business operations.

Irina Tot © Lumsden & Partner

Irina Tot

Irina studied Law at the University of Vienna and advised several years Telekom Austria in Business Development / International M&A. In the past over 15 years Irina has not only worked with one of Austria’s leading law firms, but was also employed in business consulting with focus on privatisation in Southeast-Europe.

Rudolf T.A. Greger © Konsultori

Rudolf T.A. Greger

Rudolf T. A. Greger is design thinking coach with more than 30 years of experience in corporate design/branding, product design, UX-/CX-/interaction-design and service design.

Founder of Design-Thinking-Tank (2014) and Think-Design coaching programme and Design-Thinking academy. Cofounder of GP designpartners GmbH and former chairman of the board of designaustria.

Author of several books, seminars and workshops.

Robert Batoja © Konsultori

Robert Batoja

Management positions at ACP Group, Exoscale, A1 Digital, Microsoft, Austrian Red Cross: Head of Sales Excellence, Head of Finance and Administration, Head of Controlling and Business Analytics. Expert in business domains such as Controlling – Accounting – Processes with IT Know How, with years of experience in Controlling, Accounting, Procurement and Sales.

IT expert since 10 years, with extraordinary knowledge of modern technologies such as SaaS, IaaS, ML, IoT and more.

Joachim Zimmel © konsultori Fotograf Daniel Horvath

Joachim Zimmel

Joachim Zimmel has more than 25 years of experience in financial and operational roles up to management and supervisory board functions.
As an experienced professional from different functions such as controlling management, CFO and general manager, he can demonstrate a track record in the plastics production, raw materials, telecommunications and environmental services industries. His professional experience spans internationally realized projects, such as accompanying companies from the startup phase or required turnaround management.

Draw inspiration from our customers

Petra is definitely one of the very best M&A experts that I met.

Nikola Ljusev © Nikola Ljusev
Nikola Ljusev (former CEO)
Vip Operator

In Petra Wolkenstein, we have found someone who will provide us with consistent and targeted support in focussing our services and, building on this, will help us to decisively develop our presence in digital and social media. The contribution of her personal experience in dealing with these media and her corresponding expertise are a decisive factor in the expansion of our customer base.

I can only warmly recommend Mrs Wolkenstein. What she develops and drives forward in the start-up scene also has great applications for us as an SME. The positive development of our company over the last 5 years of working with Mrs Wolkenstein is the best proof of this.

Lorenz Consult ZT GmbH copyright Lorenz Consult
DI Christian Lorenz

Petra helped us in structuring the key message and all relating documents for finding venture capital for a newly founded start-up in the field of green chemicals. Petra also provided us contacts and venture opportunities for our mission. We totally appreciated Petras’s very experienced, well-skilled but still hands-on way of working with us. Petra is perfectly capable of sensing what her customers really need. We really learned a lot! Thank you, Petra.

Alexander Svejkovsky © Alexander Svejkovsky
Mag. Alexander Svejkovsky