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Konsultori has rich experience in working with accelerators. Our expert trainers’ workshops have received excellent feedback as they have prepared founders well for working on their challenges.

At the Global Startup Awards 2023, Konsultori was named “Global Ecosystem Hero of the Year”. This recognition highlighted the successful work of the last ten years in educating startups and working with investors and accelerators.

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Why collaborate with Konsultori?

Konsultori workshops are a good choice for accelerators who want to provide startups with quality training from experienced trainers that leads to positive results and growth.

Expert trainers

Konsultori trainers have broad expertise in investor process, strategic growth, negotiations, organisational design and finance. They provide hands-on training and valuable insights for all participants.

Flexible delivery

You can book live workshops or online courses worldwide. In addition, we offer some courses with digital self-learning options.

Dynamic teaching

Konsultori trainers are known for their lively and interactive teaching style. They actively involve participants during the sessions, creating a highly effective learning environment.

Effective learning

Clear logic, real examples, simple diagrams and practical exercises. So far, more than 7,000 startups have participated in our trainings. The feedback is great: 1.2 on a scale from 1 (excellent) to 5 (could be better).

Impressive collabs

Konsultori has a strong track record of supporting over 141 accelerator programs. This experience and follow-on bookings prove that we are able to deliver quality workshops and courses effectively.

Excellent feedback

Konsultori workshops consistently receive positive feedback from startup program managers and participants. The Global Startup Awards recognized Konsultori's work in the startup ecosystem.
workshops we provide

Mergers & Acquisitions


Raising money from investors

Get prepared to professionally approach investors to accelerate fundraising. Learn how to start fundraising, which documents to prepare and when to share, how to calculate and challenge your company valuation.


Negotiation skills for beginners

Learn negotiation tactics with suppliers and customers, their differences, how to prepare for a negotiation, what is tactically important to achieve good results, and to de-brief with style to improve tactics in future negotiations. 


Negotiation skills for experts

Take your negotiation tactics to the next level and learn special features of sales, partner and investor negotiations, how to get more out of negotiations, how to deal with challenging settings and set your focus.


Startup valuation

You will learn different valuation methods for startups, how to use valuation methods to prepare for investor meetings, where to get benchmark data from and how to prepare argumentation and defend the startup value.


Corporate venturing

Get familiar with Corporate Venturing initiatives and models. Find out more about typical expectations of startups, how to choose corporate venturing models for different goals and phases, and much more.


Legal terms & frameworks

When getting investors on board, you would like to understand the term sheet. Get familiar with key legal terms and frameworks. Learn strategies to efficiently negotiate and successfully complete your M&A process.


Startup financing

Learn about typical funding options for startups, how you define your financing needs, create a realistic financial plan, select the right financing options and develop a financing path.


Term Sheet Negotiations

Negotiate a term sheet live with an investor. Learn how to prepare and manage the negotiation efficiently. A joint debrief for all participants makes it possible to reflect on and improve difficult situations and processes. Learn how to set your focus in the negotiation.


Financial Plan writing for startups

You will learn about the individual components of a financial plan and the minimum requirements that a good financial plan should have. The interplay between profitability, cash flow, financing and working capital will be explained. Learn which KPIs you should look at in order to present a good financial plan.

workshops we provide

Organization design


Organization design

A holistic understanding of organizations and their key design elements allows for more flexibility and creativity when responding to the challenges your organization is facing. If you want to professionalize and future-proof your organization you will benefit from a broader toolset and all-round perspective.


The HR toolbox

If you want to pay more attention to your employees, their well-being and performance, you will benefit from the impact of a fit-for-purpose HR role and essential HR practices: From recruiting & onboarding over talent management & development to job categorisation, compensation and performance management: career management, the importance of feedback and reflection. Even organizations without a dedicated HR function can thus create a professional and people-oriented working environment.


OKR: Objectives & results

OKRs allow to turn strategy into action and to align strategy, employees and their performance. Furthermore, by introducing OKRs organizations and their leaders can develop a powerful participatory leadership instrument which encourages taking ownership and accountability across the entire organization.


Designing Employee participation programs

The workshop offers an allround view on employee participation: from legal, strategic and organizational perspectives. Founders and entrepreneurs will receive orientation and a solid foundation for decision-making with regards to implementing and designing employee participation programs. 


Talent acquisition

The ability to attract the right employees to the company and retain them in the long term is a decisive competitive advantage. This includes developing an attractive, coherent and credible employer brand, communicating it convincingly and implementing it consistently. 


Navigation (Business) Cultures(s)

In order to deal with cultural differences and diversity constructively and appreciatively, a contemporary understanding of culture and its role in everyday life and in the world of work is required. Discovering and understanding cultural patterns: one’s own and those of customers, partners and colleagues.

workshops we provide



Online marketing

Increase your growth through efficient online marketing. Identify optimal channels and grow at reasonable costs. You will learn to identify your ideal customers when to open additional online channels, and a lot more.


B2B sales and pricing

Learn how to run an efficient sales process to acquire new B2B customers. Define pricing models and price levels, define your B2B sales model, revise your key sales processes, and maximize margins while staying competitive. 


Growth hacking tactics

Learn to define the right growth hacking tactics for your startup by starting with the ideal customer profile. Prioritize your channels and tactics and learn how to measure.


Revise strategy

Revise your strategy in changing times. Look back, analyze your strengths and trends, develop options, and make new decisions. Consider the implications and create a new implementation plan. 


Build cooperations

Increase your growth through collaborations. Learn about partnership models, partner profiling, and how to make long-term partnerships work. Select the right model for you and plan for implementation.


Partnering and Market Entry models

Expansion and new market entry. Learn about international market entry models, how to calculate market potential both in your home market as well as abroad, what is TAM-SAM-SOM, how to select the right markets and which model to use for market entry.


Shape your business model

Learn to use the fundamental concept of the Business Model Canvas (BMC) in all its elements. Run variations of your product and BMC to increase success, define key partners, understand your cost structure, and how to work with your customers.


Scaling Lab

Assess your organization’s scaling readiness with the Scaling Readiness Check and develop your action plan in the Scaling Strategy in this workshop. Gain expertise in the individual scaling dimensions and which issues you should have resolved in order to be well prepared.

This is how we do it

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Konsultori Trainers

Petra Wolkenstein © Konsultori

Petra Wolkenstein

Business development is Petra Wolkenstein’s passion. She guides startups and innovative SMEs in growth issues, be it in international market entry, lead generation, new business fields, the development of cooperations, the acquisition of investors or in the accompaniment of company acquisitions and sales.

Michael Kubiena © Konsultori

Michael Kubiena

Michael has over 20 years of international experience as a head of HR departments, both in startups and large companies, especially in the ICT and services industries. He is therefore very familiar with topics such as strategic HR, compensation and performance management, talent management and HR systems.

Franziska Kolk © Konsultori

Franziska Kolk

Franziska Kolk is General Partner Startup Wise Guys and CEO of 3EG Technologies. As an early-stage investor, she works with startups in Africa and Europe, where she acts as a startup advisor. She specialises in business development, financing and business operations.

Irina Tot © Lumsden & Partner

Irina Tot

Irina studied Law at the University of Vienna and advised several years Telekom Austria in Business Development / International M&A. In the past over 15 years Irina has not only worked with one of Austria’s leading law firms, but was also employed in business consulting with focus on privatisation in Southeast-Europe.

Rudolf T.A. Greger © Konsultori

Rudolf T.A. Greger

Rudolf T. A. Greger is design thinking coach with more than 30 years of experience in corporate design/branding, product design, UX-/CX-/interaction-design and service design.

Founder of Design-Thinking-Tank (2014) and Think-Design coaching programme and Design-Thinking academy. Cofounder of GP designpartners GmbH and former chairman of the board of designaustria.

Author of several books, seminars and workshops.

Tim Birdsall

Tim Birdsall

Tim Birdsall, based in Vienna, is a bi-national from England and Switzerland. Driven by pragmatic training designs, he uses blended learning methods, webinars, coaching, and technology. Tim works mainly in Europe, with a global network of trainers.

He specializes in sales training for IT, FMCG, and Pharma industries, focusing on sales processes, solution sales, distributor or channel sales, sales leadership, CRM usage, account planning, lead generation, and social selling.

Joachim Zimmel © konsultori Fotograf Daniel Horvath

Joachim Zimmel

Joachim Zimmel has more than 25 years of experience in financial and operational roles up to management and supervisory board functions.
As an experienced professional from different functions such as controlling management, CFO and general manager, he can demonstrate a track record in the plastics production, raw materials, telecommunications and environmental services industries. His professional experience spans internationally realized projects, such as accompanying companies from the startup phase or required turnaround management.

Draw inspiration from our customers

Thanks for the great workshop! Super interesting and lots of learnings 🙂

Gottfried Eisenberger
Gottfried Eisenberger
Art Entrepreneur

Our participants enjoyed her session on Negotiation In Action which imparted them with the confidence to get what they want. Petra shared her most important negotiation techniques, practical exercises as well as a confidence-building framework that the leaders can put into practice right away!


Elisabeth van Holthe tot Echten
Elisabeth van Holthe tot Echten

Petra Wolkenstein your lecture on negotiation was so insightful and engaging, thank you! You are a great storyteller!

Dina Mehulić
Dina Mehulić

Thank you a lot for the session this week! Some of the feedback from the founders (NPS 100!): The practical approach. Petra was super useful and clear and knowledgeable. The practical exercise super useful points for the negotiations. The combination of theory and practice. Even though we only learned about term sheets the negotiation practice was very useful and, in fact, helped us understand terms sheets better. The exercise was really interesting and a good insight into negotiation practice. It has been really great the best exercise I’ve done in the startup world!

Culttech logo
Irina Yashina

I really enjoyed the workshop with you and many of my TU Wien Innovation Incubation Center pals the other day! Honestly one of the best workshops I have ever attended and probably with much more interaction from all sides compared to some offline workshops.

Dajana Doskoc
Dajana Doskoc

Thank you Petra! I want to share the comments received from the founders on the feedback form: “Amazing lesson should be a must for any founder, and life in general.It was really useful from a practical standpoint, clearly and helpfully delivered and felt like a safe space to learn, make mistakes, grow better. This is really great, would love to have more practice on this topic, and so I am going to make sure I use any materials available to work on it more.Great session. ! I don’t like role plays so was dreading it, but that was very useful. Thank you! The practice part was very cool a bit more of „hardcore“ examples and tactics, seemed too nice! Interesting topic I was expecting to get to go more in depth of special techniques of negotiation, maybe doing the simulation after the explanation of techniques so that you can apply. Liked all of it! The interactive element was strong and really enjoyable.”

Irina Yashina
Irina Yashina

The #LeadF programme provided the space and guidance for introspection, allowing me to reflect on my journey thus far and lay the groundwork for a more rewarding and enduring entrepreneurial adventure. I’m immensely grateful for all sessions held by Rebecca Williams, Annabelle Bockwoldt, Emma Stamiri, Amelia Suda-Gosch, Nina Mueller, Rupal Patel, Paulo André, Petra Wolkenstein, Preethi Sundaram. Your stories have enabled me to gain a deeper understanding of myself and chart a path for continued growth.


Afroditi Konidari
Afroditi Konidari

I run the Vienna Business Agency’s “Founders Lab” programme, during which I provide intensive support to early-stage start-ups over three months. Workshops and coaching sessions with Konsultori are a central part of the programme. The founders, regardless of their industry, benefit enormously from Petra’s, Franziska’s and Joachim’s input on the topics of business modelling, finance, negotiations and investments. Konsultori’s wealth of experience, expertise and approachability is a great asset to the startup ecosystem in Vienna.


Marlene Welzl
Marlene Welzl

I had the privilege to widen my skills through the Female Founders program #LeadF and learn from top-class speakers such as Petra Wolkenstein, Rebecca Williams and Preethi Sundaram just to name a few! Thank you!


Nina Vielen-Kallio
Nina Vielen-Kallio

I just re-watched your videos. They are fantastic! Thank you for such a structured attitude. The “templates-based” training is excellent! Also, lots of great insights into how an investor thinks during the Q&A sessions.

Victoria Gerukh
Victoria Gerukh

Hi, once again Petra! Thank you for such an energetic session. It is absolutely excellent and highly valuable.

Ievgen Iosifov
Ievgen Iosifov

The OKR Essentials video by Michael Kubiena was quite helpful for our workshop participants to understand the difference between OKRs and KPIs. Those who don’t work with OKRs said they are excited to try it out.

Elisabeth van Holthe tot Echten
Elisabeth van Holthe tot Echten

The workshop Organization Design and Essential HR Practices brought tremendous value to our startups. Huge thanks, Michael Kubiena.

Christian Bacher
Christian Bacher

As a participant of the 2017 Vienna Startup Package, I had the pleasure to work with Petra. Not only during the negotiation and growth hacking workshops I could gain extensive knowledge suitable for my startup Cardiomo in my growth phase, but also got valuable expertise (Finance, Cooperations, Investors) and contacts on building my business in Europe. You made a difference, thank you!

Ksenia Belkina portrait
Ksenia Belkina (CEO)

Competence. Experience. Excellence. Full Commitment! Thank you for all the great workshops and the coaching.

Dudu Gencel © Dudu Gencel
Dudu Gencel

With her growth hacking workshop, Petra provided many new ideas and approaches for sustainable growth strategies. The dialogue between the participants from a wide range of industries and product cycles was also particularly valuable.

Leonard Weitze © Leonard Weitze
Leonard Weitze

Petra helped us in structuring the key message and all relating documents for finding venture capital for a newly founded start-up in the field of green chemicals. Petra also provided us contacts and venture opportunities for our mission. We totally appreciated Petras’s very experienced, well-skilled but still hands-on way of working with us. Petra is perfectly capable of sensing what her customers really need. We really learned a lot! Thank you, Petra.

Alexander Svejkovsky © Alexander Svejkovsky
Mag. Alexander Svejkovsky

Petra Wolkenstein is THE expert when it comes to growth hacking strategies.

Andreas S. Rath © Andreas S. Rath
DI DI Dr. Andreas S. Rath

Petra Wolkenstein from Konsultori on #crowdbuilding in #crowdfunding, #tribes and #growthhacking. An ingenious workshop as part of the Accelerator Crowdfunders’ Hub from Wissenstransfer Ost!

Cloed Baumgartner © Cloed Baumgartner
Cloed Baumgartner

I was able to enjoy another great workshop at i2c last week. Petra Wolkenstein shared her knowledge on B2B negotiations with us. My personal highlight was a role-play we did. We formed teams of two-each person representing one of two parties- with the task to negotiate a deal. The scenario was about a scientist and a corporate that had to agree upon IP-rights so that they could bring a new product to the market. If successful, the deal would yield increased revenues to both, but they had different expectations towards the success chance of the project.

Benjamin Mörzinger © Benjamin Mörzinger
Benjamin Mörzinger (CEO)

Our incubatees raised their negotiation skills for B2B Sales & Partnering to the next level with the help of our negotiations expert Petra Wolkenstein. From understanding the theory and processes of negotiations to strategic moves and systematic preparations and overcoming difficult moments, our tech founders learned how to get more out of their negotiations.

Alexandra Negoescu © Alexandra Negoescu
Alexandra Negoescu

Thanks for having us! Petra, kudos again, I loved the structure, your input and the speed of it.

Tanja Sternbauer © Tanja Sternbauer
Tanja Sternbauer

Unfortunately, our Founder Lab – Creative Industries at the Vienna Business Agency has now officially come to an end. But this valuable experience of building my own business with your support, so much warmth, appreciation, inspiring feedback and priceless impulses is simply incredible. Great collaborations, projects, commissions and synergies have been created. Thank you dear team for your touching farewell words to me. I am still very touched…

Lena Marie Glaser © VilmaPflaum
Lena Marie Glaser

TRAXIT graduates from SWG OPA! With great honour and pleasure, we received our Graduation Diploma from Startup Wise Guys Online Pre Accelerator.
Big thanks to all SWG Team, and in particular Cristobal Alonso, Andrea Orlando, Asta Vasiliauskaite, Marta Madara Dundure, Karina Lapina, Andra Bagdonaitė and all supporting and external Mentors for the highly valuable insights on Pitching, Company Values and Purpose, Sales and Financials. In particular Paola Gariglio, Juan Carlos Martinez Barrio, Petra Wolkenstein and Patrick Collins, among others. We loved being there and being pushed to the limits! It was a rich and productive program.

Pietro Lanzarini © Pietro Lanzarini
Pietro Lanzarini Ceo & CoFounder, Traxit

Wirtschaftsagentur Wien offers a Growth Hacking workshop with the fantastic Petra Wolkenstein??

Thomas Schranz © Thomas Schranz
Thomas Schranz

Thank you very much for the great morning! I felt very comfortable and go into the day full of impressions and well briefed for the next meeting! You can be sure that the following briefing talks will be different for everyone present. That is thanks to you.

Silvia Wahrstätter
Silvia Wahrstätter (CEO)

Growing with (network) co-operations. A practical workshop. With pragmatic tools, each participant works out their personal next steps!!! It couldn’t be more efficient and to the point! Respect and high praise for Petra Wolkenstein!

Lucia Schramm © Lucia Schramm
Lucia Schramm

Petra Wolkenstein demonstrates a high level of expertise and professionalism from the very first second. The workshop remained exciting right to the end and gave me lots of refreshing ideas. I look forward to further dates!

Anna Derndorfer © Anna Derndorfer
Mag. Anna Derndorfer BA BA

The workshop “Briefing: more than a short conversation” was perfect. Petra Wolkenstein presented exactly the right mix of well-founded infotainment and training in applicable expertise. Even months later, I still remember the content and it makes it easier for me and my clients to work together on a daily basis.

Sonja Franzke © Sonja Franzke
Sonja Franzke

I enjoyed the workshop on customer acquisition measures for civil engineers so much that we are now going to get the whole office on board to implement the measures. The practical examples are motivating and show how customer acquisition can be strengthened on several channels – and that acquisition is something that can be learnt! Highly recommended.

Martin Kircher © Martin Kircher
Arch. DI Martin Kircher

Thank you very much for the workshop. My colleague and I really enjoyed it! We also think that we really learnt a lot from your presentation. In order for the implementation to take effect, we need a reserved time window, which we now have.

Karin Putzlager © Karin Putzlager
Karin Putzlager

The workshop “Marketing and Acquisition for Creative Professionals” was a great success. Petra’s competent, goal-oriented way of giving feedback, analysing problems in start-ups precisely and quickly and providing practical examples as comparative values, combined with an interactive, “creative” workshop leadership made the event very exciting and definitely recommendable.

Madeleine Eppensteiner © Madeleine Eppensteiner
Madeleine Eppensteiner
Bon Productions

A big “thank you” for your workshop “Debunking the investor process” in our Accelerator Programme at Gateway. It was an absolute highlight for me this year. Especially the concept of “rich or king” will be with me from now on.

Dieter Welfonder © Dieter Welfonder
Dieter Welfonder

Petra used her wealth of B2B negotiating experience to help our lab companies find ways to grow and share the pie with Arsenal. Based on the relationships they’d developed with the business owners, and the quality of their offers, half the companies reached agreements to enter commercial pilots. That speaks volumes for Petra’s value.

Calum Cameron © Calum Cameron
Calum Cameron

I had the privilege to be assigned with Ms. Petra Wolkenstein for Expansion-Coaching during the Welcome program for startups organized by Vienna Business Agency. She provided me with invaluable insights on negotiation tactics and partnership building. Thanks to her inputs and council, I was able to bring my business culture to an upper level. She put an extra effort not only to share her understanding of the startup’s expansion path but also to create new opportunities for us, by connecting us with other relevant startups and corporations from the local scene.

Ognjen Ikovic © Ognjen Ikovic
Ognjen Ikovic (CTO)

It was great having you here Petra, thank you for all the support for the founders!

Andra Bagdonaite © Andra Bagdonaite
Andra Bagdonaitė


Thanks for your great support!!



Gabriele Tatzberger © Gabriele Tatzberger
Gabriele Tatzberger

Thank you, Petra for the great insights and helpful advices. Our Start-Ups gave great feedback and had a successful virtual conference!


Philip Morger © Philip Morger
Philip Morger

Nice session, Petra!! Thanks for sharing your wisdom and experience.

Sarah Iranpour © Sarah Iranpour
Sarah Iranpour

Thanks, Petra Wolkenstein for being part of an amazing coaching team.

Cristobal Alonso © Startup Wise Guys
Cristobal Alonso

We just successfully wrapped up Batch 9 Riga program, and on behalf of whole SWG team I wanted to say BIG THANKS for your participation in the program and offering the teams your experience and time!

Kristine Kornilova © Kristine Kornilova
Kristine Kornilova

Petra is the best business coach I’ve ever met. She always tries to dig into your situation, not just giving common advice. She has a clear and very fast mind, so it’s very easy to follow her suggestions. Thanks a lot, Petra, I can highly recommend her to everyone.

Aleksandr Bogachev © Aleksandr Bogachev
Aleksandr Bogachev

Thank you very much for your time and valuable insights.

Nikiara Purmambietova © Nikiara Purmambietova
Nikiara Purmambietova

Thank you, Petra, for your great insights on the investor readiness topic!

Alona Belinska © Alona Belinska
Alona Belinska

We really appreciate the great help and tips we received during Investor Dynamics training, and the valuable feedback and hands-on approach, which gave us a clear picture, what activities are most important for us and how to execute them.

Oliver Sogel © Oliver Sogel
Oliver Sögel

Dear Petra! It was a pleasure for me to learn from your experience today, it was a great 2nd level negotiations workshop, I’m looking forward to applying the learned knowledge in my future meetings and negotiations.

Diana Vysoka © Diana Vysoka
Diana Vysoka

Thank you konsultori team! It was our pleasure to be present in the vibrant Startup ecosystem that Vienna is becoming and to be part of the Wirtschaftsagentur Wien Vienna Startup program. One of the biggest advantages though was to learn from you and to work with you on our future plans.

Luka Mohoric © Luka Mohoric
Luka Mohoric

Our Ag-Tech Startup Accelerator always aims at having motivating speakers and workshops in order to develop the founders‘ skillsets further. Petra Wolkenstein held an incredibly informative and exciting negotiations workshop where everyone had a lot fun while taking away numerous learnings. I can highly recommend her negotiations workshop to everyone who needs to improve in this field.

Alexander Kunst © Alexander Kunst
Alexander Kunst

Thank you for the amazing negotiations training today at Startup Wiseguys and the great mentoring session!

Sigvards Krongorns © Sigvards Krongorns
Sigvards Krongorns