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References and Feedback

Who we work with, what feedback we receive, and what role models we want to bring before the curtain.

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Christine Friedreich © Christine Friedreich

“I feel full of energy and am far clearer and more positive every time I leave Petra’s office.” that’s what I say when anyone asks me why I’ve been interacting regularly with this #powerwoman for years.”

Christine Friedreich
Founder, Friedreich Hospitality

Lorenz Consult ZT GmbH copyright Lorenz Consult
Christian Lorenz © Lorenz Consult

“I can only warmly recommend Ms. Wolkenstein. What she develops and drives forward in the startup scene also finds great application for us as an SME. The positive development of our company in the last 5 years of working with Ms. Wolkenstein is the best proof of this.”

Dipl.-Ing. Christian Lorenz
Managing Director, Lorenz Consult ZT GmbH

Philip Morger © Philip Morger
Philip Morger © Philip Morger

“Thank you, Petra for the great insights and helpful advice. Our Start-Ups gave great feedback and had a successful virtual conference!”

Philipp Morger
Consultant Internationalization Starters, Swiss Global Enterprise

Florian Fendt © Florian Fendt
Florian Fendt © Florian Fendt

“We want to remain a fast and agile boat in our industry, so you need an experienced coach and trainer who not only provides strategic but also operational support in the engine room. Especially Mr. Nehammer’s expertise from a corporate and upper mid-market perspective enabled us to get to our target structure faster than we could have done on our own. We can approach our further expansion on a sound process foundation.”

Florian Fendt
Managing owner, Münchner Suppenküche

Kozva Rigaud © Kozva Rigaud
Kozva Rigaud © Kozva Rigaud

“With the support of Christian Nehammer, we have the chance to focus on the creative core of our business. Christian acts with years of experience in dealing with financing partners and helps us even in hard times to stay calm and thus also to put our restructuring process on track and execute it.”

Kozva Rigaud
CEO, Shotview Berlin GmbH

Dudu Gencel © Dudu Gencel
Dudu Gencel © Dudu Gencel

“Competence. Experience. Excellence. Full Commitment! Thank you for all the great workshops and the coaching.”

Dudu Gencel
Wirtschaftsagentur Wien Startup Services

Digital accounting

Investor & Management Reporting

How to interpret the results of external accounting better? How to produce documents for investors more easily?
Controlling & Investor Reporting.


Case Study Investor & Management Reporting
Case Study Investor & Management Reporting
Controlling as a Service

Controlling in management consulting

What is to be done if there is no targeted controlling view of the accounting results in a company? Is there a useful analysis tool to explain the numbers from different perspectives? Controlling in management consulting.

Mag. Markus Schindler, Pantarhei Corporate Advisors

Case Studies Bilder Panterhei
Case Studies Panterhei © konsultori
Company selling

Strategic investor and company sale of food startup Goldkehlchen

Petra Wolkenstein about the cooperation: “Dr. Adam Ernst has not only brought Goldkehlchen perfectly into the market as a brand and product, but he has shown how it pays off to continue building a company with only the core competencies and to cover the rest through good cooperations.”

Dr. Adam Ernst, Goldkehlchen GmbH

Case Study Strategischer Investor und Unternehmensverkauf
Case Study Strategischer Investor und Unternehmensverkauf © konsultori
Digitalization of accounting

Digitalization of accounting

Save a lot of time and a mountain of paper – do you know what possibilities there are for a company? The following case study shows how this is possible through optimized accounting and digital solutions.

Mag. Johann Spitzauer, Championships Yachting

Case Study Digitalisierung der Buchhaltung
Case Study Digitalisierung der Buchhaltung © konsultori
Interim Head of Purchasing

Consulting & Support Performance Management – Purchasing Optimization

The tight Covid times have a particular impact on the hospitality industry. In some cases it makes more sense to “outsource” a topic with suppliers and save overall costs. Read an example around the topic of workwear: konsultori Case Study.

Florian Fendt, Manfred Kneifel (Managing Director), Münchner Suppenküche

Beratung & Begleitung Performance Management Einkaufsoptimierung konsultori © Münchner Suppenküche
Beratung & Begleitung Performance Management Einkaufsoptimierung konsultori © Münchner Suppenküche
Controlling as a Service

Savings potentials and introduction of a continuous controlling process

Savings potentials and introduction of a continuous controlling process: cooperation with the veterinary practice am Stadtpark.

Dr. Georg Haimel, Tierarztpraxis am Stadtpark

Case Studies Tierpraxis © konsultori
Case Studies Tierpraxis © konsultori
Improve debt financing and liquidity

Refinancing veterinary practice

Christian Nehammer about the cooperation: “I am very pleased to have supported the veterinary practice at the city park in the transparent presentation of results and in the refinancing. Together we were able to accompany the doubling of results and finance the consulting project via the refinancing of liabilities.”

Mag. Christoph Leichtfried, Tierarztpraxis am Stadtpark

Case Studies Tierpraxis © konsultori
Case Studies Tierpraxis © konsultori
First financing round

After the very successful launch of the Weekend Supermarket at the Vienna location, the newly founded company go2market GmbH is entering the expansion phase. In preparation for investor talks, it became necessary to work out several things: a detailed financial plan with a realistic company valuation. These had to stand up to discussions with investors in all facets and underline the professionalism of the team.

Thomas Perdolt, CEO go2market GmbH

Case Studies go2market © konsultori
Case Studies go2market © konsultori
M&A and investors

Support for Series A financing round Cybersecurity

After a very successful first scaling phase following an excellent product-market fit and proof that the business model works, the additional development of sales structures and the further international roll-out are to be financed by means of a new round of investors.

Richard Malovic, CEO

Case Studies whalebone© konsultori
Case Studies whalebone© konsultori
Securing liquidity

Securing liquidity in the catering industry

For the gastronomy business, you need a lot of passion, but also and especially a well-functioning business control. How securing liquidity in gastronomy can succeed with a good control cockpit and how the costs for this are profitable, you can read in this article about the Konsultori support by Christian Nehammer at the Munich Soup Kitchen in a very difficult year 2020 for gastronomy.

Florian Fendt, Manfred Kneifel (Managing Director), Münchner Suppenküche

Case Studies Munchner Suppenkuche © konsultori
Case Studies Munchner Suppenkuche © konsultori
Financial processes and refinancing

Financial management Suppenküche

  • Raising of overhead structures to the size of the company and orientation towards growth
  • Introduction of corporate management tools (reporting, cost center accounting, …)
  • Increasing the profitability of the company with increasing sales growth
  • Healthy financing structure to enable growth

Florian Fendt, Manfred Kneifel (Managing Director), Münchner Suppenküche

Financial Management Suppenküche
Financial Management Suppenküche
Strategic realignment and internationalization

Lorenz-Consult in an interview: What the strategic realignment has done for us

The civil engineering office Lorenz-Consult is managed in Graz by DI Christian Lorenz in the 2nd generation. After a 2-year reorganization phase, the management realigned the company’s external appearance and positioning in 2015 together with konsultori. DI Lorenz was continuously accompanied in business development and international expansion efforts. How the strategy shift worked and what actions we took, you can read in the following long version of the interview that Petra Wolkenstein conducted with DI Christian Lorenz in February 2018.

Dipl.-Ing. Christian Lorenz, Managing Director, Lorenz Consult ZT GmbH

Case Studies Strategische Neuausrichtung und Internationalisierung © konsultori
Case Studies Strategische Neuausrichtung und Internationalisierung © konsultori
Startup Negotiation Training

Startup Negotiation Training for 11 B2B Startups

How do I finance my startup, how do I get good collaborations and what tips and tricks are there for investor negotiations? These are topics that are of burning interest to all startup founders, and rightly so, after all, the financing of one’s own startup depends on many external factors and not only on the idea behind the startup. Therefore, ideal preparation for investor and cooperation negotiations is all the more important. As part of the 9th batch of the accelerator program Startup Wiseguys, one of the leading B2B startup programs in Eastern Europe, konsultori and key2investors (our online platform for professional preparation for investor meetings) together with the 11 selected startups of Startup Wiseguys dedicated themselves to all aspects that need to be considered in 2nd level negotiations in the startup negotiation training.

Startup Wiseguys

Case Studies Startup Verhandlungen © konsultori
Case Studies Startup Verhandlungen © konsultori
Company succession

Company succession at beechange

beechange is an online store where sustainable household products can be purchased. In November 2015, konsultori started working with the former owner Karin Haffert to sell the store and hand it over to suitable successors. The project ran from November 2015 to May 2016. In the interview Karin Haffert now talks about the challenges, the expectations, the results and the collaboration with konsultori.

Karin Haffert, Founder beechange

Case Studies Unternehmensübergabe © konsultori
Case Studies Unternehmensübergabe © konsultori
Expansions Coaching

Startup Expansion Coaching

The CEOs of feasible needed coaching on several business topics (pricing, business model, financial plan, marketing, sales conversations), which we covered as part of the expansion coaching.

Read the interview with the managing directors here about non-orthogonal geometries, what the future holds for manufacturing in the construction sector, and how they are approaching further expansion.

DI Heinz Schmiedhofer and DI Martin Reis, Co-Founder Feasible geometry-consulting OG

Case Studies Expansion Coaching © konsultori
Case Studies Expansion Coaching © konsultori
Marketing for architects


In 2012, Mr. Huber started his office HUBER GESTALTUNG, in which services from architecture, interior and corporate branding are offered fluently in combination. Through the implementation of many different projects, it was necessary to sufficiently sharpen the profile and also to think about promising business areas, such as on which channels new customers can be addressed efficiently.

Martin Huber, CEO Huber Ingenieurbüro

Case Studies Architekt Marketing © konsultori
Case Studies Architekt Marketing © konsultori
Investor acquisition

Investor acquisition of an industry platform

To finance EUR 400,000 and the next expansion phase of an already excellently established industry platform, the founding team was looking for a suitable investor. There was still no expansion strategy and no argumentation for potential investors. The team was not yet sure whether a strategic investor was suitable at this point and what business angels would value as financial investors.

Architect Marketing

Architects marketing for an architectural firm

When the office was founded, it consisted of two people. They had successfully completed their first projects. The previous orders were brought to the team by word of mouth. In the third year after their foundation, the two approached me. Their goal was to address a larger circle of addressees and to be able to win customers away from word of mouth.

DI Astghik Der Sakarian and DI Heide Schicht, CEO Beluga & Toechter

Case Studies Architektenmarketing © konsultori
Case Studies Architektenmarketing © konsultori
Startup Business Development

Interim Business Development with Startup Refinder

Refinder is a service of the startup Gnowsis e.U. The founders Leo Sauermann and Bernhard Schandl had successfully completed 3 founding years with their service “Refinder for Teams”. The company, funded by inits, aws and ffg, had built up its first customer base and consisted of 4 employees. To strengthen the management team, Leo Sauermann was looking for a Marketing Director.

Dr. Leo Sauermann (CEO), Dr. Bernhard Schandl (CTO) Gnowsis e.U.

Case Studies Startup Development © konsultori
Case Studies Startup Development © konsultori
Strategy revision

Strategy Revision of a digital marketplace

The highly dynamic business environment of a digital marketplace requires the annual strategy review of the 8 business units. We carry this out more frequently as part of strategy review projects. Numerous changes occur on the customer side, as well as with the competition and new trends in the overall market. The management and the division heads wanted an external perspective. The assignment also included a moderated strategy process. The project involved defining the new direction and bringing it to the supervisory board for a decision. Over a period of 6 weeks, we worked with the individual divisions and at company level. Finally, we had to bring the results together.

Case Studies digital marketplace © konsultori
Cardboard rocket by Matt Biddulph via flickr CC BY-SA 2.0
Growth strategy: Generating growth strategically.

Antje Mayer-Salvi

Antje Mayer-Salvi is a key figure in Vienna’s cultural scene and just as courageous, open and creative as the C/O VIENNA MAGAZINE she founded. Why did she become an entrepreneur? Is it possible to market culture? How do you develop the right strategy? Questions that will be answered by konsultori’s new Role Model.

Antje Mayer-Salvi, Founder Redaktionsbuero Ost, C/O VIENNA MAGAZINE

Konsultori role models - Antje Mayer-Salvi © Brick & Motar
Antje Mayer-Salvi © Brick & Motar
Strategic shift

Visionista’s strategy shift to digital

Founded by two brilliant women, Visionistas is the agency for companies that want to live social responsibility. They don’t just know what’s trending right now, they look to the future together with their clients. They tell us that they do a lot of analyzing, designing, consulting and organizing. Now they also give us an interesting, smart interview about their strategy in the crisis and how they were able to further develop Visionistas.

Stefanie Summerauer and Anna Oberdorfer, CEOs Visionistas

Visionistas role model
Visionistas © Benedikt Weiss
Strategy in the crisis

Drazen Ivanis

Enthusiasm for maintenance, ease of use and effortless integration. The Wowflow story is a true success story. Wowflow was properly positioned to be a digital service that could see the crisis as an opportunity. And Drazen Ivanis is not the kind of person who sits and waits with his arms folded: he wants to constantly develop and step on the gas. Supporting entrepreneurs professionally and with role models. That’s what konsultori Role Models are for. He has implemented his strategy well during the crisis.

Drazen Ivanis, CEO Wowflow

Drazen Ivanis role model
Drazen Ivanis © Drazen Ivanis
Hospitality industry & the COVID-19 crisis

Friedreich Hospitality

Christine Friedreich is one of those special people who are able to take the reins and not be driven by strokes of fate. Despite the fact that the hospitality industry has been dramatically affected by the COVID-19 crisis, Friedreich Hospitality continues to gear up for the future and work on new solutions with great enthusiasm. Positive communication. Genuine customer loyalty. Hospitality. That’s what really makes the difference.

Christine Friedreich, CEO Friedreich Hospitality

Christine Friedreich role model
Christine Friedreich © Friedreich Hospitality
Business Inspiration

Basically Innovative

Lena Marie Glaser is one of the founders who devotes her energy not only to her own business success, but also to making the world a better place. Her company, Basically Innovative, looks at needs in professional life, asks how work is changing, and accompanies companies that want to offer their employees a better work experience. It’s worth paying attention to them – especially in times of crisis. Because change will only happen if we look beyond the horizon. That is precisely their motto: Thinking outside the box = Basically Innovative.

Lena Marie Glaser, Founder Basically Innovative

Lena Marie Glaser role model
Lena Marie Glaser © VilmaPflaum
Coaching Digital and Creative Industries

Music Traveler

Music Traveler is a startup from the creative industries sector and is one of the successful examples at the intersection of digital and creative industries. How do the entrepreneurs maintain the good-humored, laid-back attitude we see in campaign videos, pursue their careers as artists, and market their startup internationally at the same time? How does the team see the future in the creative industries? Find out all in this interview with Aleksey Igudesman, who we had the pleasure of meeting on stage at a panel with his co-founder, and a bit of coaching

Aleksey Igudesman, Founder Music Traveler

Aleksey Igudesman role model
Aleksey Igudesman © JuliaWesely
Expansions Coaching

Startup Expansion Coaching: Interview with the “geometry gods” of Feasible.

Feasible brings complex geometries beyond orthogonality from the drawing board to manufacturing. As soon as geometries become more complex and structures no longer have right angles, manufacturing processes become difficult and expensive. With the help of the funding program “creative_project” of the Vienna Business Agency (a fund of the City of Vienna), Feasible and its project partner Rechenraum developed the software package ‘BOXER’: Non-rectangular structures can be brought into production without exploding costs.

Read the interview with the managing directors here about non-orthogonal geometries, what the future holds for manufacturing in the construction sector, and how they are approaching further expansion.

DI Heinz Schmiedhofer and DI Martin Reis, Co-Founder Feasible geometry-consulting OG

Feasible role models
Feasible © Weinwurm

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