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At Konsultori, we believe in open feedback as the basis for effective collaboration. Our daily motivation stems from the positive feedback we receive from our customers and partners.

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Andreas S. Rath © Andreas S. Rath

Petra Wolkenstein is THE expert when it comes to growth hacking strategies.

DI DI Dr. Andreas S. Rath
Cloed Baumgartner © Cloed Baumgartner

Petra Wolkenstein from Konsultori on #crowdbuilding in #crowdfunding, #tribes and #growthhacking. An ingenious workshop as part of the Accelerator Crowdfunders’ Hub from Wissenstransfer Ost!

Cloed Baumgartner
Dr. Adam Ernst © Dr. Adam Ernst

Petra’s highly structured and positive approach proved to be golden for Goldkehlchen. Her multiple challenges and understanding of our business challenges made her an indispensable sparring partner in the consulting process. She joined us as a coach and remains with us as part of our extended team.

Dr. Adam Ernst
Petra Ott © Petra Ott

Thank you for the great support during the product development process! In our meetings, you motivated me within a few minutes with your inspiring ideas and concepts. Thanks to your structured approach, you also quickly gained an overview of the overall situation and gave me a wonderful lift along the way. Thank you for your professional and valuable support!

Petra Ott
Benjamin Mörzinger © Benjamin Mörzinger

I was able to enjoy another great workshop at i2c last week. Petra Wolkenstein shared her knowledge on B2B negotiations with us. My personal highlight was a role-play we did. We formed teams of two-each person representing one of two parties- with the task to negotiate a deal. The scenario was about a scientist and a corporate that had to agree upon IP-rights so that they could bring a new product to the market. If successful, the deal would yield increased revenues to both, but they had different expectations towards the success chance of the project.

Benjamin Mörzinger (CEO)
Alexandra Negoescu © Alexandra Negoescu

Our incubatees raised their negotiation skills for B2B Sales & Partnering to the next level with the help of our negotiations expert Petra Wolkenstein. From understanding the theory and processes of negotiations to strategic moves and systematic preparations and overcoming difficult moments, our tech founders learned how to get more out of their negotiations.

Alexandra Negoescu
Tanja Sternbauer © Tanja Sternbauer

Thanks for having us! Petra, kudos again, I loved the structure, your input and the speed of it.

Tanja Sternbauer
Lena Marie Glaser © VilmaPflaum

Unfortunately, our Founder Lab – Creative Industries at the Vienna Business Agency has now officially come to an end. But this valuable experience of building my own business with your support, so much warmth, appreciation, inspiring feedback and priceless impulses is simply incredible. Great collaborations, projects, commissions and synergies have been created. Thank you dear team for your touching farewell words to me. I am still very touched…

Lena Marie Glaser
Gabriele Tatzberger © Gabriele Tatzberger

Vielen Dank für Ihre großartige Unterstützung!!


Gabriele Tatzberger

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Role models

Visionistas role model

Konsultori Role Models – Visionistas Strategy shift to digital

Founded by two brilliant women, Visionistas is the agency for companies that want to live social responsibility. They don’t just know what’s trending right now, they look to the future together with their clients. They tell us that they do a lot of analyzing, designing, consulting and organizing. Now they also give us an interesting, smart interview about their strategy in the crisis and how they were able to further develop Visionistas.

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