We love to see entrepreneurs succeed.

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We love to see entrepreneurs succeed.

Konsultori works with dedicated entrepreneurs to develop their companies. We are passionate “been there, done that” experts. We advise, guide, and train entrepreneurs through to implementation. We apply fast-to-use frameworks, guidance, and tools. We have proven that our methods work. We believe in and encourage collaboration. 

We are working with


Early to mid-stage startups

If you have launched your product and you need support beyond the initial stages, we support you with your next steps. 


Innovative SMEs​

If you are a small or mid-sized company, Konsultori supports you in strengthening your business goals, finance, organisation and development. 



If you are investing in startups or SMEs and need support in evaluating their potential, due diligence and working with them after you invested into them, we can support your decision and getting your transaction and new strategy done.



If you are running an accelerator and you need experts from the startup area to train and coach your startups or even provide a startup program overall, we are here to support you with our trainers and live and digital formats for your cohort.

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Support for you

Choose a topic that suits you best and let’s discuss your challenges. Our experts will be there to answer all your questions and advise you on potential solutions and support. 

Our partners will lead your projects

Petra Wolkenstein © Konsultori

Petra Wolkenstein

Founder of Konsultori

Michael Kubiena © Konsultori

Michael Kubiena

Partner at Konsultori

Our values

We are passionate entrepreneurs

Our passion for business is contagious. We are entrepreneurs and investors ourselves and like to share our experience and knowledge with customers and partners.

We go all the way

Advising and concepts are just the start. We do not give up easily, roll up our sleeves and execute for results.

We make it fit

Whether through advisory or workshops, in-person or via digital solutions, we adapt to needs and preferences. 

We empower for long-term success

We empower entrepreneurs to build the capabilities to master their challenges and succeed long-term. We expect entrepreneurs and ourselves to take charge and ownership of a sustainable future - for business and beyond.

We believe in the power of collaboration

Our creativity and resourcefulness lies in forging connections (which others might not be able to see, be they conceptually or in the form of cooperations) which allow entrepreneurs to overcome challenges.

We live and expect diversity

Openness, fairness, and a human touch. Our team brings different perspectives to our work. We strive to communicate at eye level and openly, encouraging feedback and fair behaviour.

I run the Vienna Business Agency’s “Founders Lab” programme, during which I provide intensive support to early-stage start-ups over three months. Workshops and coaching sessions with Konsultori are a central part of the programme. The founders, regardless of their industry, benefit enormously from Petra’s, Franziska’s and Joachim’s input on the topics of business modelling, finance, negotiations and investments. Konsultori’s wealth of experience, expertise and approachability is a great asset to the startup ecosystem in Vienna.


Marlene Welzl
Marlene Welzl

Competence. Experience. Excellence. Full Commitment! Thank you for all the great workshops and the coaching.

Dudu Gencel © Dudu Gencel
Dudu Gencel

I was able to enjoy another great workshop at i2c last week. Petra Wolkenstein shared her knowledge on B2B negotiations with us. My personal highlight was a role-play we did. We formed teams of two-each person representing one of two parties- with the task to negotiate a deal. The scenario was about a scientist and a corporate that had to agree upon IP-rights so that they could bring a new product to the market. If successful, the deal would yield increased revenues to both, but they had different expectations towards the success chance of the project.

Benjamin Mörzinger © Benjamin Mörzinger
Benjamin Mörzinger (CEO)

Our incubatees raised their negotiation skills for B2B Sales & Partnering to the next level with the help of our negotiations expert Petra Wolkenstein. From understanding the theory and processes of negotiations to strategic moves and systematic preparations and overcoming difficult moments, our tech founders learned how to get more out of their negotiations.

Alexandra Negoescu © Alexandra Negoescu
Alexandra Negoescu

Petra led a strategy revision process in a dynamic, expanding medium-sized company across several divisions under time pressure. She has the ability to get the most diverse division heads on board, even with difficult topics. The result was a perfect fit.

Bernhard Thalhammer © Bernhard Thalhammer
Bernhard Thalhammer (former M&A Manager)

Vienna, where there are many opportunities and contacts, helps us time and again. Petra Wolkenstein, who does M&A consulting, helped us with the financing round.

Richard Malovich
Richard Malovic

Petra used her wealth of B2B negotiating experience to help our lab companies find ways to grow and share the pie with Arsenal. Based on the relationships they’d developed with the business owners, and the quality of their offers, half the companies reached agreements to enter commercial pilots. That speaks volumes for Petra’s value.

Calum Cameron © Calum Cameron
Calum Cameron

Michael really understands how an organization ticks, what it needs and what it can handle. The entire management team and, subsequently our employees, appreciated how he went about our project. The solutions he designed are fit for our purpose and future-proof. I truly enjoy working with Michael and can highly recommend his work.

Manuela Mudrinić © Manuela Mudrinić
Manuela Mudrinić

Working with Michael Kubiena was a really fruitful experience. He combines tons of experience and strong conceptual skills with a hands-on attitude: Exactly what we needed. Together we were able to create something entirely new & unique for the Turkish retail & hospitality industry as well as for the global Metro world, something which has become a reference point in terms of quality, innovation and customer focus. Michael not only was instrumental in designing our learning curriculum, he also successfully facilitated the development of our overall organization.

Betül Bildik © Betül Bildik
Betül Bildik

Thank you, Petra for the great insights and helpful advices. Our Start-Ups gave great feedback and had a successful virtual conference!


Philip Morger © Philip Morger
Philip Morger

Thank you, Petra, for your great insights on the investor readiness topic!

Alona Belinska © Alona Belinska
Alona Belinska

The coaching session on our expansion topics was really helpful. We were all enthusiastic about Petra’s input.

Susanne Klepsch © Susanne Klepsch
Susanne Klepsch (CEO)
546 +
Hours of negotiating
6900 +
Entrepreneurs trained and coached
80 +
Cooperation projects and start-up initiatives implemented

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