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Financial plans for external funding


Investor capital and company sales secured


Additional turnover achieved


Hours of negotiating


Entrepreneurs trained and coached


Cooperation projects and start-up initiatives implemented

Know-how for all at the Konsultori Academy

Group workshops

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Early/mid-stage startups

We help you with 

  • Strategic business growth
  • Investors
  • Selling your company
  • HR Tools
  • Organisation Design

Innovative SMEs

We help you with 

  • Strategic business growth
  • Financing
  • HR Tools
  • Organisation Design

Investors & Accelerators

We help you with 

  • Purchasing startups
  • Growth and management funds
Financial planning and investor search at startup go2market
Financial planning and investor search at startup go2market

Investors and financing at Go2Market

After the very successful launch of the Weekend Supermarket at the Vienna location, the newly founded company go2market GmbH is entering the expansion phase. In preparation for investor talks, it became necessary to work out several things: a detailed financial plan with a realistic company valuation. These had to stand up to discussions with investors in all facets and underline the professionalism of the team.

Lorenz-Consult in an interview: What the strategic realignment has done for us
Lorenz-Consult in an interview: What the strategic realignment has done for us

Strategic re-positioning at Lorenz-Consult

In 2015 consultants at Konsultori helped a second-generation family business in Graz, Austria with the strategic reorganisation of their civil engineering firm. In a Konsultori interview with Petra Wolkenstein, DI Christian Lorenz explains the benefits of strategic business development and the process of international expansion.

Case Study Gastronometro © Konsultori
Case Study Gastronometro © Konsultori

Developing a learning centre & curriculum for culinary discovery

Our expertise at a glance

Strategic business growth

Investor financing

Organisation Design & HR

Petra Wolkenstein © konsultori Fotograf Daniel Horvath
Petra Wolkenstein © konsultori

Founder Konsultori
Growth, M&A and Negotiation Expert

CEO Konsultori BD GmbH

Michael Kubiena © Michael Kubiena
Michael Kubiena © Michael Kubiena

Partner Konsultori

Joachim Zimmel © konsultori Fotograf Daniel Horvath
Joachim Zimmel © konsultori

Partner Konsultori


Organisation Design

“Michael really understands how an organization ticks, what it needs and what it can handle. The entire management team and, subsequently our employees, appreciated how he went about our project. The solutions he designed are fit for our purpose and future-proof. I truly enjoy working with Michael and can highly recommend his work”

Manuela Mudrinić
Njuškalo | Styria Media Croatia

Manuela Mudrinić © Manuela Mudrinić
Manuela Mudrinić © Manuela Mudrinić

Guiding you towards business growth

“In Petra we found a consistent and target-oriented person who helped us to narrow down our services. She was critical in the growth of our digital and social media presence. Her unique experience and expertise with such media was a critical factor in our customer growth.

Without a doubt, I can recommend Petra. She applied the growth which she has driven in the startup scene to our business with great success. We have Petra to thank for the positive growth which our company has seen in the past five years.”

Christian Lorenz (CEO)
Lorenz-Consult ZT

Lorenz Consult ZT GmbH copyright Lorenz Consult
Christian Lorenz © Lorenz Consult

Investor financing

“As usual Vienna has been so helpful to us. It’s rich in new opportunities and contacts. Petra Wolkenstein, an M&A consultant, helped us with our funding round.”

Richard Malovic (CEO)

Richard Malovich
Richard Malovic © Richard Malovic
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Why work with Konsultori?

We’re compassionate

How does that work? For us to work together, the chemistry has to be right. If it’s a match, we know everything will run smoothly.

Flexible until we find the right solution

Our work with you is flexible and customised to meet your needs: digital, remote, in-person, coaching, consulting, applications, and support. Together we’ll determine what’s best for you.

Passion is contagious

We are a small team and our customers and partners can really feel our motivation and enthusiasm.

Open and fair

We are authentic and fair. Open communication and continuous feedback are our lived values. And we expect that from both sides.

We’ll help you to find the right person

If it’s not within our area of expertise, we’ll find the right person for you in our network, and the perfect contacts to help you with your enquiry.

We are entrepreneurs

We are entrepreneurs and investors just like you. We recognise the obstacles in the next growth phase.

Petra Wolkenstein Startup Wise Guys Africa Nairobi Tech Summit
Investor Readiness for Africa-based startups

We support African start-ups with fundraising as part of the acceleration programme Startup Wise Guy…

How to raise money from investors self-course
Self-study course on Fundraising from investors

How to raise money from investors? Self-course from Konsultori Startup Academy.

Konsultori universe Buchklub
Bookclub Konsultori

Join the virtual Konsultori book club and let's expand the reading list together. Business books, re…

Partnering and Market Entry self-course
Expanding to a new market – self-paced course

Partnering and Market Entry. Self-course from Konsultori Startup Academy.

Expertise Unternehmensverkauf
What consulting can do for the sale of a company

What consulting can do for the sale of a company? An external advisor can help you avoid the classic…

Konsultori Academy © Konsultori Academy
Konsultori Academy is open!

Digital workshops for Accelerators and Startups. We transfer knowledge quickly and effectively. Our …

Michael Kubiena © Michael Kubiena
New partner at Konsultori – Welcome, Michael Kubiena!

"Asking the right questions. This is helped by an additional, holistic perspective that Konsultori c…

Case Study Njuskalo © Konsultori
Compensation architecture and performance management via OKRs

The best way? Involve the whole company in a dialogue about the services that affect its customers a…

Case Study Gastronometro © Konsultori
Developing a learning centre & curriculum for culinary discovery

Collaborations with prestigious European hospitality institutions underline Gastronometro's commitme…

Ecosystem Hero of the Year Petra Wolkenstein © Central European Startup Awards
Petra Wolkenstein named CESA Ecosystem Hero of the Year!

"I am proud to win the Ecosystem Hero of the Year award. I wish the fellow finalists all further suc…

Startup trainings for cooperation contracts within the accelerator „Arsenal Innovation Lab powered by Yolo“
Startup training for „Arsenal Innovation Lab powered by Yolo“

The process has ended with 50% of all startups receiving a contract from Arsenal Football Club, whic…

Verhandlungen Workshop © Female Future Festival
Negotiation workshop at the Female Future Festival in Vienna

Konsultori Workshop at the Female Future Festival: The good news is that you can improve your skills…