Company Name: Konsultori BD GmbH
Managing Director: Mag. Petra Wolkenstein
Legal Form: Limited Liability Company
Business Purpose: Management consulting

UID Number:  ATU69218223
Company Register Number: FN 427717 x
Commercial Register Court: Commercial Court Vienna

Head Office: Währinger Straße 3/10, 1090 Vienna, Austria
E-mail: petra.wolkenstein[at]
Phone:  +43 680 221 3753
Fax: +43 680 221 3753

Mitgliedschaften: WKÖ, WKW, UBIT (Unternehmensberatung)
WKO – Firmen a-z

Applicable Legislation: Trade regulations
Access Legislation:
Trade Authority: Municipal district office of the I. district
Job Title: Management consultant
Awarding State: Austria
Line of Publication: our concern – information about management consulting in strategic marketing and finance

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