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Organizational Setup and (Re)-Alignment

Future-proofing key elements of your organization

Wich challenges are you facing?

How can our organization manage & facilitate growth?

How do we strengthen transparency & organizational clarity?

How do we distribute roles & responsibilities?

What does ‘future-proof’ mean for our organisation?

How do we professionalize our organisation and strengthen collaboration?

How do we strike the balance between flexibility & stability?

Case Study Gastronometro © Konsultori
Case Study Gastronometro © Konsultori

Developing a learning centre & curriculum for culinary discovery

Gastronometro has developed into a highly-regarded actor within Turkey’s Horeca sector as well as within the Metro International world. Cooperations & partnerships with some of Europe’s top culinary & hospitality institutions are proof of Gastronometro’s commitment to quality & innovation.

How we work and what we do


Initial consultation & project outline


Organizational analysis


Develop organizational scenarios


Plan first steps & interventions


Secure changes take hold in organization


Implementation support

We will guide you through the process. 


  • Works with a holistic organizational model
  • Makes the organization‘s capabilities visible
  • Identifies opportunities for improvement and cultural & behavioral patterns
  • Analyzes the organization‘s context and relevant stakeholders
  • Prioritizes & plans interventions in structures, processes, roles
  • Develops and facilitates a roadmap for such interventions
  • Support the sustainable implementation in the organization
Ergebnisse An operating model which powers all aspects of strategy  © Konsultori
An operating model which powers all aspects of strategy © Konsultori
Ergebnisse from concept design to operating model and organizational structure © Konsultori
From concept design to operating model and organizational structure © Konsultori

The outcomes for you

  • Qualitative organizational analysis
  • Roadmap of interventions
  • New organisational setup

Experts at Konsultori

Organisational diagnosis

Qualitative tools to analyse the strengths and learning areas of the organisation

Holistic organisational model

Comprehensive view of design elements and scope for action

Change and transformation

Collaborative process design and support

Learning organisation

Identification and development of competences and potentials at individual, team and organisational level

Michael Kubiena © Michael Kubiena
Michael Kubiena © Michael Kubiena

Michael Kubiena

In his 20+ years of working across Central & South-eastern Europe, Turkey and the Middle East, Michael has gained experience in expert, managerial and consulting roles.

Throughout his career, Michael managed various HR departments, in start-ups and corporate environments, primarily in the ICT & service industries. He worked on questions of strategic HR, compensation & performance management, talent management, on HR & management audits.

In his consulting practice he focuses primarily on organization design [in various industries] as well as on concept & strategy development in the food world and for non-profit organizations.

Michael has degrees in business administration (Vienna: 1996) and cultural studies (Istanbul: 2011) and education in systems thinking & design (2015). This combination, paired with his hands-on experience, allows for a unique perspective on what is happening in & with organizations.

His passion for good food and his interest in food practices and sustainable urban food systems, in particular, led to his civil society engagement with the Vienna Food Policy Council where he is one of the speakers.


Organisation design

“Working with Michael Kubiena was a really fruitful experience. He combines tons of experience and strong conceptual skills with a hands-on attitude: Exactly what we needed. Together we were able to create something entirely new & unique for the Turkish retail & hospitality industry as well as for the global Metro world, something which has become a reference point in terms of quality, innovation and customer focus. Michael not only was instrumental in designing our learning curriculum, he also successfully facilitated the development of our overall organization.”

Betül Bildik
Gastronometro | Metro Turkey

Betül Bildik © Betül Bildik
Betül Bildik © Betül Bildik
Gastronometro © Gastronometro
Intema Yasam © Intema Yasam
Eczacibasi © Eczacibasi
Mobily © Mobily

What we have achieved for our customers


New or redesigned organisations of various sizes and sectors


Countries we held HR audits in


Accompanied leadership teams during transformation processes

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