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strategy, concept & implementation

Overcome the obstacles in your way

How can I enhance customer acquisition?

I need a plan to market my product successfully.

I need a go-to-market plan to gain funding.

I need a marketing concept to launch a new product on the market.

I want to focus on international expansion and plan for market entry.

We want to expand to different international markets and need a playbook.

Lorenz-Consult in an interview: What the strategic realignment has done for us
Lorenz-Consult in an interview: What the strategic realignment has done for us

Business development and customer acquisition at Lorenz-Consult

In 2015, the Graz-based civil engineering office, now in its 2nd generation, carried out a strategic realignment with konsultori’s consulting services. What the implementation with strategic business development brought about and how the international expansion is progressing, DI Christian Lorenz tells in the konsultori interview with Petra Wolkenstein.


Marketing for architects at Huber Gestaltung

Sharper positioning aligned with existing core competencies and our periodic support means Huber Gestaltung can develop targeted marketing campaigns. Customer acquisition through marketing for architects.

Interim Business Development with the Startup Refinder
Interim Business Development with the Startup Refinder

Interim business development with startup Refinder

The startup had a three-month interim business development position to fill in order to define two new areas of business, negotiate with partners, implement a business model and lead generation process, to generate leads, and finally, launch marketing campaigns.

How we work and what we do


Initial consultation & project outline


Taking stock and current activities


Positioning, opportunities, and competition


Persona and marketing activities


Marketing concept/action plan


Implementation support

We will guide you through the process. 


  • works closely with you to produce a marketing concept
  • challenges your positioning and any scheduled campaigns
  • works with you to analyse marketing competitors
  • focuses on the best ROI activities
  • challenges your applications for financing
  • works closely with you on international expansion
  • assumes responsibility for business development project management
  • helps you to implement business development
  • lends you support for the commissioning of agencies and external providers
Ergebnisse Vermarktung konsultori
Vermarktung © konsultori
Ergebnisse Vermarktung Scoreboard konsultori
Vermarktung Scoreboard © konsultori

The outcomes for you

  • Positioning and customer segmentation
  • A comparison of methods for market entry
  • A persona for your customer segment
  • Analysis of competition
  • Long list of marketing activities
  • Prioritised action plan
  • Summary of your go-to-market strategy
  • Playbook for continual international expansion
  • Project management and support for leads management. This is what we refer to as a business development run.

Experts at Konsultori

Growth Hacking Framework

We have been using a growth hacking framework for several years. Product-centred marketing campaigns complement traditional activities. Our good practice case studies help you to visualise each action.

Playbook for market entry and international expansion

For international expansion to different markets, we use the playbook, which is updated with each new market entry.

Business Development Runs

Many companies don’t hire a full-time business developer. Business development runs provide external support with project management for business development, ensuring your marketing concept is fully implemented, without forgetting your strategic goals.

ICE Framework

We use the ICE scoring model as a springboard for decision making and discussion. This highly flexible qualitative model is suitable for a range of applications.

Petra Wolkenstein © Petra Wolkenstein
Petra Wolkenstein © Petra Wolkenstein

Petra Wolkenstein

Managing Director at Konsultori BD GmbH
Strategy, M&A and Growth Expert
Investor & General Partner for Africa Startup Wise Guys
Managing Director at key2investors & digital accelerator

  • Nine years’ growth experience with startups and investors
  • Funding rounds and sales in cybersecurity (Whalebone), eCommerce, and HealthTech
  • Strategy development for one of Austria’s biggest platforms
  • Training and preparing startups for accelerators (Startup Wise Guys, SFG, Wirtschaftsagentur, DGO Campus, European Space Agency)
  • Three years’ experience in strategy and business development for mobile communications companies in northern and southern Europe.
  • Ten years’ experience in corporate M&A for the telecommunications sector

Business development support for SMEs

“In Petra we found a consistent and target-oriented person who helped us to narrow down our services. She was critical in the growth of our digital and social media presence. Her unique experience and expertise with such media was a critical factor for our customer growth.

Without a doubt, I can recommend Petra. She applied the growth which she has driven in the startup scene to our business with great success. We have Petra to thank for the positive growth which our company has seen in the past five years.”

Dipl.-Ing. Christian Lorenz (geschäftsführender Gesellschafter)
Lorenz Consult ZT GmbH

Lorenz Consult ZT GmbH copyright Lorenz Consult
Christian Lorenz © Lorenz Consult
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What we have achieved for our customers


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