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Go-to market strategy

Are you working on getting more customers on board, launching a new product or opening a new market by going global? We offer insights on international expansion, helping you to identify the right markets and entry strategies for your business. We provide analysis to help you make well-based decisions about product launches and market expansion. Expect comprehensive advice tailored to your unique business needs.

Your challenges are taken care of

How can I improve customer acquisition results?

I need a plan to market my product successfully.

I need a go-to-market plan to gain funding.

I need a marketing concept to launch a new product on the market.

I want to focus on international expansion and plan for market entry.

We want to expand to different international markets and need a playbook.

Areas in which we work with you

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Key elements of work

  • Positioning and customer segmentation
  • A comparison of methods for market entry
  • A persona for your customer segment
  • Analysis of competition
  • Long list of marketing activities
  • Prioritised action plan
  • Summary of your go-to-market strategy
  • Playbook for continual international expansion
  • Project management and support for leads management. This is what we refer to as a business development run.

Results you will get

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Market entry methods


Competition analysis & customer persona

Customer segmentation

Positioning & customer segmentation

Action plan

Action plan & marketing activities

Project led by a senior partner

Petra Wolkenstein © Konsultori

Petra Wokenstein

Petra is a highly accomplished professional with a wealth of experience in strategy and driving business growth. She specializes in providing strategic guidance and expertise in the areas of strategy, M&A, and growth. Petra is also an Investor and General Partner for Africa Startup Wise Guys, actively supporting and nurturing innovative startups in Africa.

With hands-on experience working with startups and investors since 2012, Petra has successfully led funding rounds and sales in diverse industries such as cybersecurity, eCommerce, SaaS and HealthTech. Petra’s extensive expertise, coupled with her proven ability to drive growth and navigate complex business areas, make her a valuable asset in the fields of strategy, M&A, and business development.

Expertise we bring

Growth Hacking Framework

We have been using a growth hacking framework for several years. Product-centred marketing campaigns complement traditional activities. Our good practice case studies help you to visualise each action.

Playbook for market entry and international expansion ​

For international expansion to different markets, we use the playbook, which is updated with each new market entry.

Business Development Runs

Many companies don’t hire a full-time business developer. Business development runs provide external support with project management for business development, ensuring your marketing concept is fully implemented, without forgetting your strategic goals.

ICE Framework

We use the ICE scoring model as a springboard for decision making and discussion. This highly flexible qualitative model is suitable for a range of applications.

Marcus Schaffer © Sheyn

The expansion coaching by Petra Wolkenstein helped us a lot, as she was able to take in what we do successfully already and make a suggestion on how we can apply this to enter a new market.

Marcus Schaffer

1 m EUR
turnover increase of our best customer
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companies whose strategy we have revised
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businesses supported via strategy workshops and coaching

Our process for a project with you


Initial consultation & project outline

We engage in a thorough discussion to understand your specific needs, goals, timeline, budget, and general project requirements.


Evaluation of status quo

Through this interactive session, we will analyze key performance indicators, market positioning, past activities, and their results.


Positioning and opportunities

We jointly revise your positioning, target segments, and services to be fit for the future. On this basis, objectives and goals for the go-to-market are clear for the next step.


Persona and marketing activities

You will get a framework to analyze your ideal customer profile and needs to derive a long-list and a prioritized short-list of marketing activities for your specific target audience in different channels.


Marketing concept and action plan

Based on the short-listed marketing activities and campaigns, we elaborate a timeline of activities for the next year, as well as estimate budgets and resources needed to derive an action plan for your activities.


Implementation support

The implementation phase involves executing the necessary steps, tasks, and actions to bring the solution to life. We support you in project management and advice.

How we support you


Individual projects tailored to your situation but based on our proven framework and approach. You work with your Konsultori expert or team.

Digital Academy

Self-learning courses for entrepreneurs who want to drive their growth effectively and quickly.

Case studies

Other expertise in Growth


Strategy consultancy

We support you in strategy review and provide focus for your next steps in the development of your company with clear 3 year-plans and strategic building blocks for implementation.


Corporate startup collaboration

We support you in identifying the right trends and products for your portfolio and in finding the right collaboration model with startups.