OKRs: Objectives & Key results

OKRs allow to turn strategy into action and to align strategy, employees and their performance. Furthermore, by introducing OKRs organizations and their leaders can develop a powerful participatory leadership instrument which encourages taking ownership and accountability across the entire organization.

Who is this course for


Startup Founders

You want to align strategy, people and their performance. You are looking for ways to promote accountability and ownership throughout the organization. Your employees need to take charge of their own and the company’s performance. You need a powerful participatory leadership instrument. You aim to avoid silo-thinking and promote shared responsibility from the very start.


Innovative SMEs​

You want to align strategy, people and their performance. You want to establish a clear line of sight between company, team and individual performance. You are looking for ways to promote accountability and ownership.  You want your people to grasp how they can shape and influence the company performance. You need a powerful participatory leadership instrument which allows you to avoid silo-thinking and promote shared responsibility throughout the organization.



Accelerators & Universities

You are running an entrepreneurship trainings program and need to train your startup participants on leading their teams with OKR.

What you will learn

How to align strategy, people and performance

  • The role and purpose of OKRs​
  • Strategy implementation & communication
  • Performance management​
  • OKR as an instrument of participatory leadership​
  • How to align team & individual performance with corporate performance and strategy​
  • Difference between OKRs and traditional approaches
  • Key concepts: Which are they? How are they related? Objectives, Key results, Key performance indicators, Targets​
  • Process & tools; Dos & don’ts​
  • Practical examples and how to get started

With her growth hacking workshop, Petra provided many new ideas and approaches for sustainable growth strategies. The dialogue between the participants from a wide range of industries and product cycles was also particularly valuable.

Leonard Weitze © Leonard Weitze
Leonard Weitze

Competence. Experience. Excellence. Full Commitment! Thank you for all the great workshops and the coaching.

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Dudu Gencel


Thanks for your great support!!



Gabriele Tatzberger © Gabriele Tatzberger
Gabriele Tatzberger

Thank you for the amazing negotiations training today at Startup Wiseguys and the great mentoring session!

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Sigvards Krongorns

Your trainer for this course

Michael Kubiena

Expert in Organisation Design, Leadership & Culture

With 25 years of experience across Central & South-eastern Europe, Turkey, and the Middle East, Michael has held roles in HR, management and consulting.

He has managed HR departments of various sizes in startups and in corporate environments, specializing in the ICT & service industries. Michael’s respective expertise lies in strategic HR, compensation & performance management, talent management, and HR & management audits.

As a consultant, Michael’s work with startups and SMEs focuses on organization design and people practices; on leadership, culture and change. Furthermore, he works on concept & strategy development in the food industry and for non-profit organizations.

With degrees in business administration and cultural studies, along with an education in systems thinking & design, Michael offers a unique perspective on organizational dynamics.

Furthermore, his passion for food and sustainable urban food systems has led to his civil society engagement, as a speaker of the Vienna Food Policy Council.

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