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Through our comprehensive range of workshops and advisory services, we equip startup founders with the knowledge, tools, and strategies needed to accelerate their development. Our expert team brings a wealth of experience and expertise across various domains, including organization growth, mergers and acquisitions, strategy, go-to-market, and finance. Whether you’re seeking guidance on optimizing your organizational structure, exploring strategic partnerships, focus in your next steps, or navigating complex financial decisions, we are here to guide you every step of the way.

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topics we discuss

Mergers & Acquisitions


Finding investors

Get prepared to professionally approach investors to accelerate fundraising. Learn how to start fundraising, which documents to prepare and when to share, How to calculate and challenge your company valuation and many more. 


Financial plan

Need a complete financial plan for investors, banks, and funding agencies? We can help. Our experts will create a clear and concise financial plan that outlines your needs, benchmarks your company’s progress, and adjusts for changes in strategy.


Business valuation

 A well-researched and persuasive business valuation is crucial for successful negotiations. Whether you’re looking for investors, strategic partnerships, new co-founders, or planning to sell your business, we provide expert guidance.


Selling a company

Considering selling your company? We provide strategic guidance and support, including valuation, identifying potential buyers, legal and financial considerations, due diligence preparation, and exit strategy development.


Vienna stock exchange market

If your company is ready to explore new funding opportunities, we provide guidance and support. Whether you want to trade your shares or list your business on the Vienna Stock Exchange and Direct Market Plus, our expertise can assist you throughout the process.


Harvard Business Negotiation

We provide guidance and support for effective negotiation strategies, including understanding the interests of all parties, thorough preparation, compelling proposals, and effective communication tactics. We offer joint briefings and debriefings before major negotiations and can join you where necessary.

topics we discuss

Organisation design


Organisational Setup and (Re)-alignment

It gives you the the understanding of cornerstones & variables of organisation design, context & stakeholder analysis. You will see what are  organizational challenges and possible responses.


The HR toolbox

You will find out more how do recruiting & onboarding go, what’s talent management & development, job categorisation & evaluation, career management, the importance of feedback and reflection.


Leadership & Culture

You will gain knowledge of the role and purpose of OKRs, how to align team & individual performance with corporate performance and strategy and other dos and don’ts

topics we discuss



Business growth consultancy

When building your company’s future, it’s crucial to choose the right direction and use your resources wisely. We’ll assist you in reviewing and developing your strategy for the next three years, outlining the necessary building blocks for success and offering continuous support during implementation.


Corporate-startup collaboration

Want to tap into external innovation for your company? Let us help you find the right startup collaboration model, innovative products, and market trends.


Go-to market strategy

Expanding globally? We offer market research, analysis, and advice to help you identify the right markets and entry strategies. Gain insights on product launches and market positioning tailored to your business needs.

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Konsultori Experts

Petra Wolkenstein © Konsultori

Petra Wolkenstein

Business development is Petra Wolkenstein’s passion. She guides startups and innovative SMEs in growth issues, be it in international market entry, lead generation, new business fields, the development of cooperations, the acquisition of investors or in the accompaniment of company acquisitions and sales.

Michael Kubiena © Konsultori

Michael Kubiena

Michael has over 20 years of international experience as a head of HR departments, both in startups and large companies, especially in the ICT and services industries. He is therefore very familiar with topics such as strategic HR, compensation and performance management, talent management and HR systems.

Franziska Kolk © Konsultori

Franziska Kolk

Franziska Kolk is General Partner Startup Wise Guys and CEO of 3EG Technologies. As an early-stage investor, she works with startups in Africa and Europe, where she acts as a startup advisor. She specialises in business development, financing and business operations.

How we support you


Individual projects tailored to your situation but based on our proven framework and approach. You work with your Konsultori expert or team.

Digital Academy

Self-learning courses for entrepreneurs who want to drive their growth effectively and quickly.

Draw inspiration from our customers

Petra Wolkenstein you are one of the best coaches I have ever seen!

Gloria Katharina Wagner
Gloria Katharina Wagner

I learned a lot about negotiations and about me! Thank you, Petra Wolkenstein.

Berit Barbosa
Berit Barbosa

Not too long ago, in a very focused coaching session with Petra Wolkenstein Konsultori, we made plans to blaze new trails and look for innovative ways to take Wristbanditz to the glamorous, international places they belong (a.k.a. work on my weak point and substantially improve the sales process). The result is glamorous: an affiliate partnership collaboration with Cvent – the industry leader in event technology.

Stefanie Lischka
Stefanie Lischka

Very competent in providing tools and strategies. I always feel a genuine passion for the mission to empower startups. Thank you!

Awa Kamara
Awa Kamara

I appreciated the enthusiasm for our work and the context-related understanding that helped to look at our company from different angles.

Julia Scharinger
Julia Scharinger

Konsultori and Petra Wolkenstein are extremely professional. Her experience really helped us to get through the first funding round. We were thrilled that the documents and arguments which we produced in the preparations stage were so well received in our search for investors and during negotiations. I appreciated such a straightforward, hassle-free and honest partner who never forgot our goals and timeline. Without Konsultori, we’d never have managed to achieve everything within such a short space of time.

Thomas Perdolt
Thomas Perdolt

Petra Wolkenstein your lecture on negotiation was so insightful and engaging, thank you! You are a great storyteller!

Dina Mehulić
Dina Mehulić

I just wanted to thank you for your time yesterday, it was so insightful and valuable – our discussion has given me a lot to think about that I wouldn’t have considered. I will reach out if I have any further questions and of course, update you with how everything goes (fingers crossed!).

Emily Moon
Emily Moon

Above all, the collaboration is reliable. That’s exactly what you need at the beginning: reliable partners who are there for you regularly and provide constant support. It also feels trusting and not like “off-the-peg counselling”.


Matthias Steiner
Matthias Steiner

Thank you a lot for the session this week! Some of the feedback from the founders (NPS 100!): The practical approach. Petra was super useful and clear and knowledgeable. The practical exercise super useful points for the negotiations. The combination of theory and practice. Even though we only learned about term sheets the negotiation practice was very useful and, in fact, helped us understand terms sheets better. The exercise was really interesting and a good insight into negotiation practice. It has been really great the best exercise I’ve done in the startup world!

Culttech logo
Irina Yashina

I really enjoyed the workshop with you and many of my TU Wien Innovation Incubation Center pals the other day! Honestly one of the best workshops I have ever attended and probably with much more interaction from all sides compared to some offline workshops.

Dajana Doskoc
Dajana Doskoc

Hey Petra! Really enjoyed your session. Valuable content and learnings.

Priit Pedastsaar
Priit Pedastsaar

Awesome 1 on 1 business session.

Marko Kaseleht
Marko Kaseleht

Thank you Petra! I want to share the comments received from the founders on the feedback form: “Amazing lesson should be a must for any founder, and life in general.It was really useful from a practical standpoint, clearly and helpfully delivered and felt like a safe space to learn, make mistakes, grow better. This is really great, would love to have more practice on this topic, and so I am going to make sure I use any materials available to work on it more.Great session. ! I don’t like role plays so was dreading it, but that was very useful. Thank you! The practice part was very cool a bit more of „hardcore“ examples and tactics, seemed too nice! Interesting topic I was expecting to get to go more in depth of special techniques of negotiation, maybe doing the simulation after the explanation of techniques so that you can apply. Liked all of it! The interactive element was strong and really enjoyable.”

Irina Yashina
Irina Yashina

The #LeadF programme provided the space and guidance for introspection, allowing me to reflect on my journey thus far and lay the groundwork for a more rewarding and enduring entrepreneurial adventure. I’m immensely grateful for all sessions held by Rebecca Williams, Annabelle Bockwoldt, Emma Stamiri, Amelia Suda-Gosch, Nina Mueller, Rupal Patel, Paulo André, Petra Wolkenstein, Preethi Sundaram. Your stories have enabled me to gain a deeper understanding of myself and chart a path for continued growth.


Afroditi Konidari
Afroditi Konidari

Our collaboration with Petra has been a privilege, and without hesitation, we attest to her skills as a mentor and industry expert. Given Grayn’s position as an innovative technology company, with a focus on both environmental and social impact data, Petra’s guidance has played a pivotal role in navigating the intricacies of our expansion into the DACH region, specifically Austria. By leveraging our carefully crafted sales and market expansion strategy, Grayn achieved a heightened level of efficiency and success in penetrating the Austrian market. Petra’s expertise played a vital role in this accomplishment, allowing us to navigate the complexities of the local business landscape with confidence and precision. As a result, we were able to establish a strong foothold and make significant progress in our mission to promote sustainable accounting practices in Austria.

Marilena Frye
Marilena Frye

I had the privilege to widen my skills through the Female Founders program #LeadF and learn from top-class speakers such as Petra Wolkenstein, Rebecca Williams and Preethi Sundaram just to name a few! Thank you!


Nina Vielen-Kallio
Nina Vielen-Kallio

I just re-watched your videos. They are fantastic! Thank you for such a structured attitude. The “templates-based” training is excellent! Also, lots of great insights into how an investor thinks during the Q&A sessions.

Victoria Gerukh
Victoria Gerukh

Hi, once again Petra! Thank you for such an energetic session. It is absolutely excellent and highly valuable.

Ievgen Iosifov
Ievgen Iosifov

As a participant of the 2017 Vienna Startup Package, I had the pleasure to work with Petra. Not only during the negotiation and growth hacking workshops I could gain extensive knowledge suitable for my startup Cardiomo in my growth phase, but also got valuable expertise (Finance, Cooperations, Investors) and contacts on building my business in Europe. You made a difference, thank you!

Ksenia Belkina portrait
Ksenia Belkina (CEO)

Competence. Experience. Excellence. Full Commitment! Thank you for all the great workshops and the coaching.

Dudu Gencel © Dudu Gencel
Dudu Gencel

With her growth hacking workshop, Petra provided many new ideas and approaches for sustainable growth strategies. The dialogue between the participants from a wide range of industries and product cycles was also particularly valuable.

Leonard Weitze © Leonard Weitze
Leonard Weitze

Petra Wolkenstein is THE expert when it comes to growth hacking strategies.

Andreas S. Rath © Andreas S. Rath
DI DI Dr. Andreas S. Rath

Petra Wolkenstein from Konsultori on #crowdbuilding in #crowdfunding, #tribes and #growthhacking. An ingenious workshop as part of the Accelerator Crowdfunders’ Hub from Wissenstransfer Ost!

Cloed Baumgartner © Cloed Baumgartner
Cloed Baumgartner

Petra’s highly structured and positive approach proved to be golden for Goldkehlchen. Her multiple challenges and understanding of our business challenges made her an indispensable sparring partner in the consulting process. She joined us as a coach and remains with us as part of our extended team.

Dr. Adam Ernst © Dr. Adam Ernst
Dr. Adam Ernst

Thank you for the great support during the product development process! In our meetings, you motivated me within a few minutes with your inspiring ideas and concepts. Thanks to your structured approach, you also quickly gained an overview of the overall situation and gave me a wonderful lift along the way. Thank you for your professional and valuable support!

Petra Ott © Petra Ott
Petra Ott

I was able to enjoy another great workshop at i2c last week. Petra Wolkenstein shared her knowledge on B2B negotiations with us. My personal highlight was a role-play we did. We formed teams of two-each person representing one of two parties- with the task to negotiate a deal. The scenario was about a scientist and a corporate that had to agree upon IP-rights so that they could bring a new product to the market. If successful, the deal would yield increased revenues to both, but they had different expectations towards the success chance of the project.

Benjamin Mörzinger © Benjamin Mörzinger
Benjamin Mörzinger (CEO)

Our incubatees raised their negotiation skills for B2B Sales & Partnering to the next level with the help of our negotiations expert Petra Wolkenstein. From understanding the theory and processes of negotiations to strategic moves and systematic preparations and overcoming difficult moments, our tech founders learned how to get more out of their negotiations.

Alexandra Negoescu © Alexandra Negoescu
Alexandra Negoescu

Thanks for having us! Petra, kudos again, I loved the structure, your input and the speed of it.

Tanja Sternbauer © Tanja Sternbauer
Tanja Sternbauer

Unfortunately, our Founder Lab – Creative Industries at the Vienna Business Agency has now officially come to an end. But this valuable experience of building my own business with your support, so much warmth, appreciation, inspiring feedback and priceless impulses is simply incredible. Great collaborations, projects, commissions and synergies have been created. Thank you dear team for your touching farewell words to me. I am still very touched…

Lena Marie Glaser © VilmaPflaum
Lena Marie Glaser

TRAXIT graduates from SWG OPA! With great honour and pleasure, we received our Graduation Diploma from Startup Wise Guys Online Pre Accelerator.
Big thanks to all SWG Team, and in particular Cristobal Alonso, Andrea Orlando, Asta Vasiliauskaite, Marta Madara Dundure, Karina Lapina, Andra Bagdonaitė and all supporting and external Mentors for the highly valuable insights on Pitching, Company Values and Purpose, Sales and Financials. In particular Paola Gariglio, Juan Carlos Martinez Barrio, Petra Wolkenstein and Patrick Collins, among others. We loved being there and being pushed to the limits! It was a rich and productive program.

Pietro Lanzarini © Pietro Lanzarini
Pietro Lanzarini Ceo & CoFounder, Traxit

Wirtschaftsagentur Wien offers a Growth Hacking workshop with the fantastic Petra Wolkenstein??

Thomas Schranz © Thomas Schranz
Thomas Schranz

Thank you very much for the great morning! I felt very comfortable and go into the day full of impressions and well briefed for the next meeting! You can be sure that the following briefing talks will be different for everyone present. That is thanks to you.

Silvia Wahrstätter
Silvia Wahrstätter (CEO)

Congratulations on this great event for female entrepreneurs. The speakers really had something to say. As the organizer, you succeeded very well in creating a relaxed atmosphere for discussion.

Michaela Reitterer © Michaela Reitterer
Michaela Reitterer (Geschäftsführerin und Präsidentin ÖHV)

Petra’s “let’s do it” attitude is a perfect match to the dynamics of a startup team. Her work leads to impressive results.

Dr. Bernhard Schandl © Dr. Bernhard Schandl
Bernhard Schandl (CTO)

Petra led a strategy revision process in a dynamic, expanding medium-sized company across several divisions under time pressure. She has the ability to get the most diverse division heads on board, even with difficult topics. The result was a perfect fit.

Bernhard Thalhammer © Bernhard Thalhammer
Bernhard Thalhammer (former M&A Manager)

Petra is quick and clear in weighing up success factors. She gave our company excellent advice – with a scalable and profit-orientated business model, we were able to achieve market penetration right from the start.

Barbara Höller © Barbara Höller
Barbara Höller

Growing with (network) co-operations. A practical workshop. With pragmatic tools, each participant works out their personal next steps!!! It couldn’t be more efficient and to the point! Respect and high praise for Petra Wolkenstein!

Lucia Schramm © Lucia Schramm
Lucia Schramm

The workshop “Marketing and Acquisition for Creative Professionals” was a great success. Petra’s competent, goal-oriented way of giving feedback, analysing problems in start-ups precisely and quickly and providing practical examples as comparative values, combined with an interactive, “creative” workshop leadership made the event very exciting and definitely recommendable.

Madeleine Eppensteiner © Madeleine Eppensteiner
Madeleine Eppensteiner
Bon Productions

Vienna, where there are many opportunities and contacts, helps us time and again. Petra Wolkenstein, who does M&A consulting, helped us with the financing round.

Richard Malovich
Richard Malovic

The expansion coaching by Petra Wolkenstein helped us a lot, as she was able to take in what we do successfully already and make a suggestion on how we can apply this to enter a new market.

Marcus Schaffer © Sheyn
Marcus Schaffer

Thank you for the really excellent support and advice.

Philipp Loidolt-Shen
Philipp Loidolt-Shen

Petra has the amazing ability of diving into your entrepreneurial world, grasping the challenges you’re facing, and pushing you forward with the right questions and insights. The moment you sit down at a table, Petra is not a consultant but a vital part of your team!

Andreas-Mahringer © Andreas-Mahringer
Andreas Mahringer (ex-CEO Recordbird/Sendmate, now Community.com)

Petra created targeted campaigns with a highly diverse team, delivering quick results.

Hannes Stiebitzhofern © Hannes Stiebitzhofern
Hannes Stiebitzhofer (SteelButSmart)

I was impressed by how well Petra adapted to our communication and working peculiarities as a startup and at the same time had a professional, classic demeanour towards potential customers. I found the collaboration very pleasant.

Luca Hammer © Luca Hammer
Luca Hammer (former Co-Founder)

Thumbs up for Petra! Sparkling with ideas, a great network, focused and structured approach. All of this paired with her engaging and congenial personality is the perfect match for bringing your business to the next level!

Peter Schmidt © Peter Schmidt
Peter Schmidt (CEO Wien)

I had the privilege to be assigned with Ms. Petra Wolkenstein for Expansion-Coaching during the Welcome program for startups organized by Vienna Business Agency. She provided me with invaluable insights on negotiation tactics and partnership building. Thanks to her inputs and council, I was able to bring my business culture to an upper level. She put an extra effort not only to share her understanding of the startup’s expansion path but also to create new opportunities for us, by connecting us with other relevant startups and corporations from the local scene.

Ognjen Ikovic © Ognjen Ikovic
Ognjen Ikovic (CTO)


Thanks for your great support!!



Gabriele Tatzberger © Gabriele Tatzberger
Gabriele Tatzberger

Thank you, Petra for the great insights and helpful advices. Our Start-Ups gave great feedback and had a successful virtual conference!


Philip Morger © Philip Morger
Philip Morger

Today the very first workshop of our #growthlab went online! Great experience thanks to the guidance of Petra Wolkenstein, and the participation of our freshly selected batch members. It`s great to see people joining from the comfort of their homes, bringing in different perspectives and experiences and being involved in open discussions about their businesses.

Dudu Gencel © Dudu Gencel
Dudu Gencel

Nice session, Petra!! Thanks for sharing your wisdom and experience.

Sarah Iranpour © Sarah Iranpour
Sarah Iranpour

Thanks, Petra Wolkenstein for being part of an amazing coaching team.

Cristobal Alonso © Startup Wise Guys
Cristobal Alonso

We just successfully wrapped up Batch 9 Riga program, and on behalf of whole SWG team I wanted to say BIG THANKS for your participation in the program and offering the teams your experience and time!

Kristine Kornilova © Kristine Kornilova
Kristine Kornilova

Petra is the best business coach I’ve ever met. She always tries to dig into your situation, not just giving common advice. She has a clear and very fast mind, so it’s very easy to follow her suggestions. Thanks a lot, Petra, I can highly recommend her to everyone.

Aleksandr Bogachev © Aleksandr Bogachev
Aleksandr Bogachev

Thank you, Petra, for your great insights on the investor readiness topic!

Alona Belinska © Alona Belinska
Alona Belinska

We really appreciate the great help and tips we received during Investor Dynamics training, and the valuable feedback and hands-on approach, which gave us a clear picture, what activities are most important for us and how to execute them.

Oliver Sogel © Oliver Sogel
Oliver Sögel

Dear Petra! It was a pleasure for me to learn from your experience today, it was a great 2nd level negotiations workshop, I’m looking forward to applying the learned knowledge in my future meetings and negotiations.

Diana Vysoka © Diana Vysoka
Diana Vysoka

Top end-to-end consulting from strategic considerations in the area of marketing to concrete operational measures in the active sales process

Dr. Alexander Schult © Dr. Alexander Schult
Dipl. Wi. -Ing. Dr. Alexander Schult

Petra Wolkenstein advised me very professionally over a long period. She guided me unerringly and competently in the development of my marketing strategy. During the implementation phase, she supported me with valuable tips and contacts. She responded to my needs and contributed significantly to the development of my company with customised solutions. I can only warmly recommend Petra Wolkenstein.

Christine Pleyl © Christine Pleyl
Christine Pleyl

Petra Wolkenstein provided us with very professional and helpful support in various phases. Starting with company coaching in the area of internationalisation through to support in the search for investors. Especially in this phase, the cooperation worked very well and Petra was able to find us high-quality and suitable investors. The network of investors extends far beyond the borders of Austria and has a very good breadth and depth. Thank you very much for your excellent, proactive support!

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Valentin Jilch © Valentin Jilch
Valentin Jilch

Thank you konsultori team! It was our pleasure to be present in the vibrant Startup ecosystem that Vienna is becoming and to be part of the Wirtschaftsagentur Wien Vienna Startup program. One of the biggest advantages though was to learn from you and to work with you on our future plans.

Luka Mohoric © Luka Mohoric
Luka Mohoric

Our Ag-Tech Startup Accelerator always aims at having motivating speakers and workshops in order to develop the founders‘ skillsets further. Petra Wolkenstein held an incredibly informative and exciting negotiations workshop where everyone had a lot fun while taking away numerous learnings. I can highly recommend her negotiations workshop to everyone who needs to improve in this field.

Alexander Kunst © Alexander Kunst
Alexander Kunst

Thank you for the amazing negotiations training today at Startup Wiseguys and the great mentoring session!

Sigvards Krongorns © Sigvards Krongorns
Sigvards Krongorns

The coaching session on our expansion topics was really helpful. We were all enthusiastic about Petra’s input.

Susanne Klepsch © Susanne Klepsch
Susanne Klepsch (CEO)

Working with Konsultori has accompanied us step by step and brought structure to our creative ideas!

Stefanie Jirgal © Stefanie Jirgal
DI (FH) Stefanie Jirgal