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Leadership & Culture

Managing Change & Organizational Learning

Which challenges are you facing?

How do we make our employees embrace change?

How do we prepare our leadership team for future challenges?

How do we align strategy & culture?

How do we bring strategy into the organization?

What makes transformation & change succeed in the long run?

Do we really need: a vision & mission, values, a purpose? How do we develop those?

Case Study Njuskalo © Konsultori
Case Study Njuskalo © Konsultori

Compensation architecture and performance management via OKRs

We decided that OKR (Objectives & Key Results), a recent & more flexible approach to performance management, was fit for Njuškalo’s current set-up. It was also the best way to actively involve the entire organization into an ongoing dialogue over performance, over the things that really make a difference for the company, its employees and its customers.

How we work and what we do


Initial consultation & project outline


Organizational analysis


Develop & agree


Define roadmap & measures


Develop a communication plan


Implementation support

We will guide you through the process.


  • employs a holistic model of organizations
  • recognizes what creates the push for change
  • understands & utilizes interconnections & dependencies
  • takes into account multiple perspectives
  • pulls the most impactful levers
  • emphasizes the role of leadership in change
  • deploys interventions, analyzes their effects & impact and learn from them
  • utilizes a diverse toolbox
  • ensure the sustainable success of transformative efforts
Leadership Development Framework and Principles 2. © Konsultori
Leadership Development Framework and Principles 2. © Konsultori
Leadership Development Framework and Principles 1. © Konsultori
Leadership Development Framework and Principles 1. © Konsultori

The outcomes for you

  • Organizational analysis
  • Leadership principles
  • Change Roadmap
  • Communication plan

Experts at Konsultori

Analysis of the organisational context

What external factors influence the organisation, its staff and its partners?

Principles of leadership

Development of leadership models and translation into everyday leadership life

Change and transformation

Collaborative process design and support

Learning organisation

Identification and development of competences and potentials at individual, team and organisational level

Michael Kubiena © Michael Kubiena
Michael Kubiena © Michael Kubiena

Michael Kubiena

In his 20+ years of working across Central & South-eastern Europe, Turkey and the Middle East, Michael has gained experience in expert, managerial and consulting roles.

Throughout his career Michael had managed HR-departments of various sizes, in start-ups as well as in corporate environments, primarily in the ICT & service industries. He worked on questions of strategic HR, compensation & performance management, talent management, on HR & management audits.

In his consulting practice he focuses primarily on organization design [in various industries] as well as on concept & strategy development in the food world and for non-profit organizations.

Michael has degrees in business administration [Vienna: 1996] and cultural studies [Istanbul: 2011] and an education in systems thinking & design [2015]. This combination, paired with his hands-on experience, allows for a rather unique perspective on what is happening in & with organizations.

His passion for good food and his interest in food practices and sustainable urban food systems, in particular, led to his civil society engagement with the Vienna Food Policy Council where he is one of the speakers.


Führung & Unternehmenskultur

“Michael really understands how an organization ticks, what it needs and what it can handle. The entire management team and, subsequently our employees, appreciated how he went about our project. The solutions he designed are fit for our purpose and future-proof. I truly enjoy working with Michael and can highly recommend his work.”

Manuela Mudrinić
Njuškalo | Styria Media Croatia

Manuela Mudrinić © Manuela Mudrinić
Manuela Mudrinić © Manuela Mudrinić
Njuskalo © Njuskalo
A1 Telekom Austria © A1 Telekom Austria

What we have achieved for our customers


Leadership development programme design


Guiding leadership teams in change processes


Developing and mentoring future leaders