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Negotiation skills for Beginners

Conduct first business negotiations with suppliers and customers

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WS Negotiation for Beginners
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Your own negotiation tactics with direct feedback

Negotiation tactics with suppliers and customers and differences between customer and supplier negotiations

How to prepare for a negotiation

What is tactically important to achieve good results

Specifics of an electronically conducted negotiation via email or chat

To conduct successfully live contract negotiations, both face-to-face as well as electronically

To de-brief with style to improve tactics in future negotiations

from 2,000 EUR / Group + VAT

You are conducting negotiations with suppliers and customers

You want to learn how to prepare effectively for these negotiations

Your objective is to understand dynamics in negotiations and to know critical points

You want to test your skills in accompanied dry runs

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Mag.a Petra Wolkenstein

Venture Capital Investor – CEO Tech M&A and Strategy

Mergers & Acquisitions and growth expert in the tech space. Certified negotiation expert. Accredited trainer for accelerators.

Believer in self-paced training.

Petra is an expert in M&A and growth in the technology and creative industries. As a certified negotiation expert, she gets investors on board, negotiates partnerships and leads go-to-market initiatives with her clients. She is an international trainer for negotiations with accelerators in Germany and the Baltics and has co-developed a Scaling Academy program and coaching for international startups since 2016.

She has experience in the consulting industry (telecom, strategy, marketing, media) and 10 years in Mergers and acquisitions projects in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Fluent in German, English, Spanish and knowledge in French.

Multiple founder:

“Dear Petra! It was a pleasure to learn from your experience today, it was a great 2nd level negotiations workshop, and I’m looking forward to applying the learned knowledge in my future meetings and negotiations.”

Diana Vysoka

Diana Vysoka © Diana Vysoka
Diana Vysoka © Diana Vysoka

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