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We love to see entrepreneurs succeed.

GSA AWARDS one next to another

Konsultori works with dedicated entrepreneurs to develop their companies. We are passionate “been there, done that” experts. We advise, guide, and train entrepreneurs through to implementation. We apply fast-to-use frameworks, guidance, and tools. We have proven that our methods work. We believe in and encourage collaboration. 

We help build and cultivate an ecosystem of 10,000 competent entrepreneurs by 2030. First-time founders as well as serial entrepreneurs know how to overcome their challenges, quickly and confidently. 

Our values

We are passionate entrepreneurs

Our passion for business is contagious. We are entrepreneurs and investors ourselves and like to share our experience and knowledge with customers and partners.

We go all the way

Advising and concepts are just the start. We do not give up easily, roll up our sleeves and execute for results.

We make it fit

Whether through advisory or workshops, in-person or via digital solutions, we adapt to needs and preferences. 

We empower for long-term success

We empower entrepreneurs to build the capabilities to master their challenges and succeed long-term. We expect entrepreneurs and ourselves to take charge and ownership of a sustainable future - for business and beyond.

We believe in the power of collaboration

Our creativity and resourcefulness lies in forging connections (which others might not be able to see, be they conceptually or in the form of cooperations) which allow entrepreneurs to overcome challenges.

We live and expect diversity

Openness, fairness, and a human touch. Our team brings different perspectives to our work. We strive to communicate at eye level and openly, encouraging feedback and fair behaviour.

Petra Wolkenstein © Konsultori

Mag. Petra Wolkenstein

Founder Konsultori, Growth, M&A and Negotiation Expert

CEO Konsultori BD GmbH

Petra is an experienced mergers & acquisitions and growth expert in the tech space. She combines background from her past roles from mergers & acquisitions in mobile telecoms in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, 10 years working with startups on their scaling topics and getting investors on board, as well as investing in startups as a general partner of the Startup Wise Guys Africa VC fund and accelerator.

She is proud member of Global Board Ready Women and Experts Group Succession Adviser Vienna, certified Supervisory Board Member and Adviser in Business Transfer. Petra is Ecosystem Hero of the year at the Global Startup Awards in the CEE region 2022 and proud winner of global Startup Ecosystem Hero Award 2023.

As a certified negotiation expert, she gets investors on board, negotiates partnerships and runs through strategy and growth initiatives with her customers. She is an international trainer on negotiation with accelerators in Germany, the UK, the Baltics, and the African continent. She co-developed and has been delivering a Scaling Academy Programme and Coaching for international startups since 2016.

She covers experience in the consulting industry (Telecoms, Strategy, Marketing) and 20 years of mergers & acquisition projects in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. 

For the past 10 years, our team has worked with accelerators and universities to train startups on scaling topics. We have trained and coached over 2,400 startups in the Balkans, Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, Romania, Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, Austria, and Bulgaria. To reach more startups we are running the key2investors platform with self-paced training for startups to prepare for investor meetings.

In order to be able to train even more entrepreneurs, we run the online course platform Konsultori Academy.

  • General Partner Africa, Startup Wise Guys
  • Member of the Global Board Ready Women
  • Certified Supervisory Board Member
  • Certified Adviser in Business Transfer
  • Member of the Experts Group Succession
  • Adviser Vienna Negotiation Trainer and Speaker at Female Founders, Startup Wise Guys
  • Ecosystem Hero of the Year at the Global Startup Awards in the CEE region 2022
  • Winner of the Global Startup Ecosystem Hero Award 2023
Michael Kubiena © Konsultori

Mag. Michael Kubiena

Strategy, Organization Design expert
Partner Konsultori

In his 20+ years of working across Central & South-eastern Europe, Turkey and the Middle East, Michael has gained experience in expert, managerial and consulting roles. Throughout his career, Michael had managed HR departments of various sizes, in start-ups as well as in corporate environments, primarily in the ICT & service industries.

He worked on questions of strategic HR, compensation & performance management, talent management, on HR & management audits. In his consulting practice, he focuses primarily on organization design (in various industries) as well as on concept & strategy development in the food world and for non-profit organizations.

Michael has degrees in business administration (Vienna: 1996) and cultural studies [Istanbul: 2011] and education in systems thinking & design [2015]. This combination, paired with his hands-on experience, allows for a rather unique perspective on what is happening in & with organizations.

His passion for good food and his interest in food practices and sustainable urban food systems, in particular, led to his civil society engagement with the Vienna Food Policy Council where he is one of the speakers.

Our team

Franziska Kolk © Konsultori

Franziska Kolk

M & A Specialist

Zsuzsanna Bódi © Konsultori

Zsuzsanna Bodi

Marketing manager

Viola Benyó © Konsultori

Viola Benyo

Office Management

Stefan Filipovic © Konsultori

Stefan Filipovic

Product Manager

Our trainers

Petra Wolkenstein © Konsultori

Petra Wolkenstein

Venture Capital Investor Tech M&A and Strategy

Franziska Kolk © Konsultori

Franziska Kolk

Venture Capital Investor Coach & Business Developer

Tim Birdsall

Tim Birdsall

Sales Trainer and Consultant

Rudolf T.A. Greger © Konsultori

Rudolf T. A. Greger

Management Designer and Design Philosopher
Autor of Book “9 Steps towards a better Business Model”

Michael Kubiena © Konsultori

Michael Kubiena

Expert in Organisation Design
Leadership & Culture

Julie Teßmann Konsultori Academy

Julie Teßmann

Branding expert at SISTERHOOD

Anja Teßmann Konsultori Academy

Anja Teßmann


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