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Overcome the obstacles in your way

Want to sell your business to a strategic buyer?

Want to sell your company as part of a business re-organisation?

Want to sell your business for financial reasons?

Want to transfer your business to a family member or someone in your company?

Want to decouple your business and sell part of it to a strategic partner?

Want to prepare the sale of your company over time?

Sale of Food Innovation – international
Sale of Food Innovation – international

Sale of Food Innovation – international

We helped one of Austria’s leading beverage brands across several stages, culminating with the sale of the business to a buyer in Germany. The project included the strategic selection of a partner, negotiation tactics and finding investors for the sale of the business.

Company succession at beechange: Karin Haffert in an interview about her successful handover
Company succession at beechange: Karin Haffert in an interview about her successful handover

Selling beechange

Beechange is an online shop that sells sustainable household products. In November 2015 we started working with former owner Karin Haffert to sell the shop and find a suitable successor. The project ran from November 2015 to May 2016. We interviewed Karin Haffert about challenges, expectations, outcomes and how she found working with konsultori.

Selling ‘das Strickwerk’
Selling ‘das Strickwerk’

Selling ‘das Strickwerk’

Supporting the sale of ‘das Strickwerk’ to another company within the sector. We helped the company to analyse its attractiveness, produce an information memorandum, and select potential successors, guiding the client each step of the way from negotiation to business assessment.

How we work and what we do


Initial consultation & project outline


Transfer and sales options


Actions to maximise the business valuation


Financial plan, business valuation and price range


Sales documents and buyer profiling


Selecting negotiation partners


Due diligence and financing


Negotiation support


Strategic re-organisation

We will guide you through the process. 


  • works with you to determine what actions need to be taken prior to transfer
  • helps you to decide which exit option is right for you
  • plans and guides you through the entire process
  • produces your company assessment
  • prepares any necessary financing
  • co-ordinates with external experts such as solicitors or auditors
  • helps you to find and negotiate with candidates for internal and external transfer
  • supports you in the strategic post-merger re-organisation of your company
Ergebnisse Unternehmen verkaufen konsultori
Unternehmen verkaufen © konsultori

The outcomes for you

  • Pre-merger action plan
  • Process definition including milestones and timelines
  • Company assessments
  • Negotiation support
  • Strategic post-merger re-organisation

Expertise von Konsultori

Business valuation

We specialise in business valuations for early-stage startups. At this stage, the future growth of your business is still highly uncertain, meaning special methods for valuation must be applied. Late-stage businesses use the DCF method as standard, combined with a multiples approach. Sometimes, an asset valuation is also necessary.

Financial planning

In the creative industries and technology sector especially (platform model, SaaS model, corporate sales), we have several years of experience and provide templates for financial planning which are challenged using benchmarks.

EU-certified international transfer consultant

In 2017 Konsultori became a certified international, cross-border transfer consultant under the EU project DANAE “Advisors in a Novel SME Transfer”

20 years’ M&A experience

We have been active in the M&A sector for over 20 years (acquisition and sale of businesses and business shares).

Petra Wolkenstein © Petra Wolkenstein
Petra Wolkenstein © Petra Wolkenstein

Petra Wolkenstein

Managing Director at Konsultori BD GmbH
Strategy, M&A and Growth Expert
Investor & General Partner for Africa Startup Wise Guys
Managing Director at key2investors & digital accelerator

  • Nine years’ growth experience with startups and investors
  • Funding rounds and sales in cybersecurity (Whalebone), eCommerce, and HealthTech
  • Strategy development for one of Austria’s biggest platforms
  • Training and preparing startups for accelerators (Startup Wise Guys, SFG, Wirtschaftsagentur, DGO Campus, European Space Agency)
  • Three years’ experience in strategy and business development for mobile communications companies in northern and southern Europe.
  • Ten years’ experience in corporate M&A for the telecommunications sector

Selling Strickwerk

“Petra helped me to sell my business and provided me with the much-needed expertise and experience that I lack when it comes to sales. I’m so glad that we were able to generate a positive outcome. It’s not easy in this industry…”

DI (FH) Sonja Hager (former owner)

Sonja Hager © Sonja Hager
Sonja Hager © Sonja Hager
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What we have achieved for our customers


hours of negotiating


M&A projects


business valuations