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With the aim to grow, we think bigger. As a boutique consultancy, we work with the best business experts united under the Konsultori brand as Konsultori partners. At the same time, we have external business partners: We successfully work with smaller and larger companies, be it in projects or in longer-term cooperations.

Our mission

Konsultori works with passionate entrepreneurs on developing their companies. We are passionate “been there, done that” experts. We advise, guide on implementation and train entrepreneurs. We apply fast to use frameworks, guidance, and tools. We have proven that our methods work. We work together with our customers and not alone.

our vision

We help build and cultivate an ecosystem of 10,000 skillful entrepreneurs by 2030.  First time entrepreneurs do not differ from serial entrepreneurs because they know how to overcome their challenges fast.

Who do we work with?


Early to mid-stage startups

If you have launched your product and you need support beyond the initial stages, we support you with your next steps. 


Innovative SMEs​

If you are a small or mid-sized company, Konsultori supports you in strengthening your business goals, finance, organisation and development. 



If you are investing in startups or SMEs and need support in evaluating their potential, due diligence and working with them after you invested into them, we can support your decision and getting your transaction and new strategy done.



If you are running an accelerator and you need experts from the startup area to train and coach your startups or even provide a startup program overall, we are here to support you with our trainers and live and digital formats for your cohort.

Benefits of becoming a partner

  • Win new contracts
  • Start larger projects
  • Have additional expertise on board
  • Share resources
  • Increase reputation and influence
  • Expand network
  • Develop together
  • Enjoy working together as a team

Our internal partners

Michael Kubiena © Konsultori

What I particularly like about Konsultori is the clear positioning: what do we stand for, who do we work with, what can we do and deliver? Clients know where they stand, what they can expect and what they will get. I believe that the impressive development and success of Konsultori over the last 10 years is a direct result of this transparent, clear and smart positioning.

Michael Kubiena 
Konsultori Partner


Our external partners

Vienna Business Agency

We have been working with the Vienna Business Agency in startup training and coaching since 2006, both for international programmes, such as the Vienna Startup Package and Viennese programmes (Future Tech, Kreativwirtschaftslab and Gründerstipendien).

Startup Wise Guys

Since 2008, we have been working on the investor readiness of the portfolio startups of the Baltic VC and accelerator startup Wise Guys as a negotiation coach for investor processes. Since 2021 we have taken on the investor role as General Partner of the Startup Wise Guys Africa Fund, being part of the Investment Committee. In 2022, we invested in the first 17 startups in sub-Saharan Africa.

Switzerland Global Enterprise

Switzerland Global Enterprise’s mission is to promote the internationalisation of Swiss companies. We work with individual start-ups on their international market entry and business development issues.

Austrian Institute of Technology

The AIT Spin-Off Programme receives workshops for start-ups, co-founder readiness analysis, investor readiness training and advice on negotiations with investors.

Vienna Stock Exchange

We are listed with the Vienna Stock Exchange as a Direct Funding Partner and support SMEs and start-ups in preparing for a listing on the Third Market.

University Business Hub

We support INITS with workshops and coaching for start-ups in the technology sector.

Arsenal Innovation Lab

Arsenal has its own innovation programme for startups. We manage the international programme with workshops and coaching on negotiation and sales to enable startups to sign a contract with Arsenal Football Club for their products.

Gründerzentrum Erste Bank

We occasionally work with Erste Bank’s Gründerzentrum on the topic of investors and financing for startups.

Startup Tirol

The location agency in Tyrol supports startups and founders in the early-stage phase. We work with startups on marketing and investor readiness.

Wissens Transfer Ost

The Knowledge Transfer Centre promotes knowledge and technology transfer within the participating nine Viennese universities and three universities of applied sciences from Vienna and Lower Austria. Thus, the WTZ Ost represents all academic disciplines, from the natural and life sciences to technology and medicine to the social sciences, humanities, cultural studies and the arts. As part of the Crowdfunders Hub of WTZ Ost, we train start-ups on the topic of crowd building.

GIN – Global Incubator Network

GIN Austria connects Austrian startups with international startups and incubators for future market entry. We work together on the topics of negotiation and investor readiness.

wko logo

WKO Steiermark, Wien, Tirol & Niederösterreich

For the creative industries sector, we work together with SMEs in Styria on the topic of marketing strategies. Furthermore, we work together with companies within the framework of the business consulting pools in Vienna, Tyrol, Lower Austria and Styria.

Startup-Center NRW

The Startup-Center NRW was established as a network of several universities to sustainably strengthen the start-up culture at universities.

Growth Circuit Ankara

VC and accelerator Growth Circuit from Ankara works with us on the topic of investor readiness and negotiation training for its startups.

Ruhr Universität Bochum

The Ruhr University Bochum is cooperating with several universities to help international spin-offs achieve investor readiness with an entrepreneurship programme as the next step.

Tampere University

Tampere University works with our digital accelerator trainings for their startups to prepare them for investor readiness.

i2c der TU Wien

The University Incubation Center of the TU Vienna works with Konsultori trainings on the topics of investor readiness and negotiation preparation of start-ups.

European Space Agency

The European Space Agency relies on Konsultori Academy’s investor readiness training (Term Sheet Understanding, Investor Process, Negotiations and Financial Planning) in its accelerator programme for space tech start-ups.

Science Park Graz

Der Hightech Incubator in Graz arbeitet mit Investor-Readiness Trainings der Konsultori Academy (Term Sheet Understanding, Investor Process, Negotiations und Financial Planning).


The Steirische Wirtschaftsförderung works with investor-readiness trainings of the Konsultori Academy, especially on the topics of start-up evaluation and preparation for the investor process.


With COMATCH from Germany, we bring corporate venturing models closer to our participants in workshops.

TU Darmstadt

The Technische Universtität Darmstadt cooperates with several universities to help international spin-offs achieve investor readiness with an entrepreneurship programme as the next step.

African Startup Awards logo

African Startup Awards

We work as jury members for the African Startup Awards in the judging process for the African Startup Awards and provide feedback.


Klaiton is a consulting and coaching platform based in Austria. We offer Klaiton clients market analyses and business valuations at selected times.

ksv 1870 wien online bestellen

The Kreditschutzverband 1870 has been providing its more than 30,000 members with risk assessments for all stakeholders for more than 150 years, strengthening their financial power and enabling growth. We support the conversation with innovation-driven SMEs on the topic of corporate venturing.

Female Future Festival

The Female Future Festival has become a major event in the German-speaking conference landscape for female founders. We work together on the topic of negotiation workshops.

University of Cologne

The University of Cologne is cooperating with several universities to help international spin-offs achieve investor readiness with an entrepreneurship programme as the next step.

Female Founders

We have a long history with Female Founders. We love working with the female entrepreneurs and leaders from several programmes to prepare them for negotiations and an investor process: CultTech Accelerator, LeadF and the GrowF programme.

Austrian Angel Investors association

We work with the Digital Investors Academy (DIA) and the Lead Investors Academy (LIA) in training business angels on startup valuation, negotiation and due diligence.

Agro Innovation Lab

We work with the Agro Innovation Lab on the topic of strategy and negotiation preparation for investors, so that the start-ups we support can enter into their financing round discussions with confidence.

How to become a partner?

Are you interested in working with us? We would like to learn more about you and your specialisation and experience and get to know you (and your team) personally. During the meeting, we will discuss options for possible cooperation.