Negotiation workshop at the Female Future Festival in Vienna

Verhandlungen Workshop © Female Future Festival

Female Future Festival Vienna 2022

6. Oktober 2022

Negotiation workshop at one of the biggest business events for women

The Female Future Festival is all about the future, innovation and careers. Münich, Bodensee, Bregenz, Zürich, Graz and Vienna are all locations for these empowerment days when you can recharge yourself with knowledge and inspiration. The importance of such events is shown by the fact that this year’s Vienna event set a record.

On days like these… ✨ Can someone pinch us? What an incredible 3rd edition this was in Vienna! Record number of participants, a dancing mainstage at the start and so much female power – we are speechless and say THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts. Thanks to…

over 1000 participants
all speakers & moderators
to all partners

and to everyone who made this day so special. Now we’ve had it again, the extra portion of inspiration, and now it’s your turn. Be brave, use your strengths, think big and you will see that your next burst of courage will feel really good! And very, very important: make sure you use your network, because…

“We should be lifting each other up and cheering each other on, not trying to outshine one another. The sky would be awfully dark with only one star.” – Stacie


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Get more out of negotiations

Learn more about negotiations from industry experts.


Negotiations happen everywhere: in the family, with colleagues and employees and of course, especially in serious business discussions. There are naturals or people who are not so comfortable with subject matter. But the good news is that you can improve your skills as a negotiator. From good preparation to little tricks and tips, there is a lot to talk about.

Negotiations are a big topic – not only for founders but also for employees. Petra Wolkenstein is a real expert in this field. She brings with her experience from the consulting industry (telecommunications, strategy, marketing) and 20 years of mergers & acquisitions projects in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

At the Female Future Festival workshop, she summarised her three most important tips for good negotiations:

  • Negotiation can be learned.
  • Plan B and preparation are decisive drivers for good negotiation results.
  • One’s own negotiation tactics change in different situations and do not always remain the same.

Thank you for inviting me as a negotiation coach. I am glad that the participants were able to take another step towards realising their dream and achieving their next steps. Many thanks to Marlene Welzl, Vienna Business Agency for the opportunity to contribute!

Petra Wolkenstein, LinkedIn

Get more out of negotiations

Learn more on how to get more of negotiations from industry expert.