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Visionistas role model

Konsultori Role Models – Visionistas Strategy shift to digital

Founded by two brilliant women, Visionistas is the agency for companies that want to live social responsibility. They don’t just know what’s trending right now, they look to the future together with their clients. They tell us that they do a lot of analyzing, designing, consulting and organizing. Now they also give us an interesting, smart interview about their strategy in the crisis and how they were able to further develop Visionistas.

Konsultori role models - Antje Mayer-Salvi © Brick & Motar

Konsultori role models – Antje Mayer-Salvi

Antje Mayer-Salvi is a key figure in the Viennese cultural scene and just as courageous, open and creative as the C/O VIENNA MAGAZINE she founded. Why did she become an entrepreneur? Is it possible to market culture? How do you develop the right strategy? Questions that will be answered by konsultori’s new Role Model.

Konsultori gratuliert 2021 Dezember

Konsultori congratulates – 2021 December

We love to follow inspiring stories and successes of our project partners and the startups and companies we accompany. The hard and insistent work of the founders and foundresses sometimes becomes visible only after a delay. That’s why we congratulate here and hope to inspire you too with the success stories from the Konsultori universe. Let us rejoice together. Congratulations!

Expertise Hidden Champion Strategie

Hidden Champion Strategy

Austrian SMEs and their path to becoming world market leaders. What small and medium-sized enterprises can learn from hidden champions and which (marketing) strategies are worth pursuing.

Strategy Review for a digital marketplace

Strategy Review for a digital marketplace

Konsultori revised the strategy of a digital marketplace in Austria together with the management and 8 division managers. The topics of the strategy revision included performance, trends, competition and the new strategic direction broken down into action plans per area.