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Vienna Stock Exchange Direct Market

If your company has successfully navigated the expansion stage and is now ready to explore new funding opportunities, we provide guidance and support. Whether you’re looking to trade your shares, take the first step towards becoming a listed business, or are specifically planning to list your business on the Vienna Stock Exchange and direct market plus, our expertise can assist you throughout the entire process.

Your challenges are taken care of

After the initial expansion phase of your start-up, you would like to explore further financing options.

Looking for an opportunity to trade your shares?

You would like to gain access to a stock exchange listing and take the first step.

You have decided in favour of the Vienna Stock Exchange and the direct market plus and would like to be accompanied through the process.

Areas in which we work with you

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Key elements of work

  • We support the planning and implementation of preparatory measures, e.g. business model adjustment, financial processes, compliance processes, restructuring from GmbH to AG, and strategic adjustments
  • We act as project manager
  • We help you to choose the right solicitor, investment bank etc.
  • We advise you on the terms of direct market plus and the consequences of being a listed company
  • We produce an information memorandum
  • We assess your business according to the necessary standards
  • We support you with pre-negotiations with the stock exchange
  • We initiate pre-listing funding rounds

Results you will get


Business valuation

List of investors

Information memorandum


Compliance handbook/training


Capital market coach for 12 months

Project-lead by a senior partner

Petra Wolkenstein © Konsultori

Petra Wokenstein

Petra is a highly accomplished professional with a wealth of experience in strategy and driving business growth. She specializes in providing strategic guidance and expertise in the areas of strategy, M&A, and growth. Petra is also an Investor and General Partner for Africa Startup Wise Guys, actively supporting and nurturing innovative startups in Africa.

With hands-on experience working with startups and investors since 2012, Petra has successfully led funding rounds and sales in diverse industries such as cybersecurity, eCommerce, SaaS and HealthTech. Petra’s extensive expertise, coupled with her proven ability to drive growth and navigate complex business areas, make her a valuable asset in the fields of strategy, M&A, and business development.

Expertise we bring

Business valuation

We specialise in business valuations for early-stage startups. At this stage, the future growth of your business is still highly uncertain, meaning special methods for valuation must be applied. Late-stage businesses use the DCF method as standard, combined with a multiples approach. Sometimes, an asset valuation is also necessary.

Equity story ​

Investors need a few solid arguments to explain why your business generates added value and why your business valuation is forecast to increase exponentially in the future. That is summarised in an equity story and together with your investment teaser, it is the backbone of your investment story.

Investment strategy & process

We support business sales and funding rounds with strategic or financial investors. Depending on your industry, different processes need to be defined in order to be able to manage and complete the process within the scheduled timeframe.

Direct funding partner accreditation at the Vienna Stock Exchange ​

Konsultori has been an accredited direct funding partner at the Vienna Stock Exchange since June 2019. We help growth-stage SMEs and startups with funding rounds prior to listing on the stock exchange, as well as during rounds on the way to becoming a listed business. We bring businesses and investors together and act as consultants for the preparation of such meetings.

Thomas Perdolt © Thomas Perdolt

Konsultori and Petra Wolkenstein are extremely professional. Her experience really helped us to get through the first funding round. We were thrilled that the documents and arguments which we produced in the preparations stage were so well received in our search for investors and during negotiations. I appreciated such a straightforward, hassle-free and honest partner who never forgot our goals and timeline. Without Konsultori, we’d never have managed to achieve everything within such a short space of time

Thomas Perdolt

1 m EUR
Investor capital, plublic funding and company exits secured
1 +
Company valuations done
1 +
M&A projects closed

Our process for a project with you


Initial consultation & project outline

We engage in a thorough discussion to understand your specific needs, goals, timeline, budget, and general project requirements.


Direct market+ readiness

We advise on the terms of direct market plus and the consequences of being a listed business.


Action plan and support in implementation

We accompany the planning and implementation of preparatory measures, e.g. business model adjustments, financial processes, compliance, etc.


Challenging financial plan and valuation

We analyse and provide feedback on financial planning and valuation.


Information memorandum

We assess your business according to the necessary standards. We produce an information memorandum.


Stock exchange conversations

We support you with pre-negotiations with the stock exchange and initiate the pre-listing funding rounds.


Compliance Handbook and workshop

We prepare the compliance handbook and training.


Capital Market Coach for 12 months

We support you as a capital market coach during the first 12 months of listing.

How we support you


Individual projects tailored to your situation but based on our proven framework and approach. You work with your Konsultori expert or team.

Case studies

Other expertise in M&A


Find investors

We provide guidance on investor identification, effective approaches, business readiness assessment, document preparation, negotiation tactics, company valuation, and demonstrating value to investors.


Selling your company

We support you with strategic guidance in the preparation and selling of your company including valuation, potential buyer identification, deal structuring, due diligence, and executing the exit strategy.


Financial plan

We support you and establish your financial plan or a revision of it. You will be able to communicate with financing partners and steer your company with a well-thought-through financial plan based on a proven tool.


Harvard business negotiation

We work with you on your current negotiation challenge with tactics, preparation, guidance, briefing, and debriefing, as well as process and analysis to improve your negotiation results.


Startup M&A as a Service for Strategic Buyers

If your market is consolidating and you’re looking to strategically acquire smaller businesses, we guide you in identifying potential targets, conducting due diligence, negotiating deals, and ensuring effective integration. 


Business valuation

We develop, document, and provide the argumentation of a well-analyzed and benchmarked business valuation for your company.