Konsultori congratulates – 2021 December

Konsultori gratuliert 2021 Dezember

We love to follow inspiring stories and successes of our project partners and the startups and companies we accompany. The hard and insistent work of entrepreneurs sometimes becomes visible only after a delay. That is why we congratulate you here and hope to inspire you too with the success stories from the Konsultori universe. Let us rejoice together. Congratulations!

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Friedreich Hospitality comes to the Parliament

In the future, our country’s employees can look forward to their work in parliament even more, because the parliament will be supported in culinary terms in the future by a consortium around Friedreich Hospitality. The company, which is known for its high standards and dedicated team, will now manage the catering and events in the Austrian Parliament together with its cooperation partners. We wish Christine Friedreich, who embodies a true Konsultori Role Model, much success with this milestone and in the implementation of this great project.

“As of today, it’s official: Friedreich Hospitality will operate the catering and event facilities of the Austrian Parliament together with Labstelle and Gaumenglück! We are more than proud and honestly still can’t quite believe it. We are looking forward to a new adventure, new challenges and a lot of great moments as hosts.

Friedreich Hospitality, LinkedIn

Spin-off Dashboard Austria 2021: AIT receives award

Die Spin-off Austria Initiative hat mit dem Spin-off Dashboard Austria erstmals eine jährliche Bestandsaufnahme der akademischen Spin-off-Aktivitäten in Österreich durchgeführt. Das AIT Austrian Institute of Technology hat dabei in der Kategorie „Außeruniversitäre Forschungseinrichtungen“ den 2. Platz erlangt. Wir sind stolz darauf, mit den Spin-off-Start-ups des AIT, einem der größten Forschungsinstitute Österreichs, zusammenzuarbeiten. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zur Auszeichnung an das ganze AIT-Team!

With the Spin-off Dashboard Austria, the Spin-off Austria Initiative has for the first time conducted an annual inventory of academic spin-off activities in Austria. The AIT Austrian Institute of Technology won 2nd place in the category “Non-university research institutions”. We are proud to work with the spin-off start-ups of AIT, one of the largest research institutes in Austria. Congratulations on the award to the whole AIT team!

Vimeo video about the AIT Entrepreneurship Program

“We are very pleased to receive this award and it confirms our chosen path of an integrated spin-off strategy. We develop technologies that, once they reach a certain level of maturity, are implemented on the market with partners. In this way, we bring research into application and create social and economic added value. In addition, the AIT Entrepreneurship Program offers attractive career opportunities for our employees.

Alexander Svejkovsky, AIT-Chief Financial Officer

Visionistas jubilates

The Visionistas was awarded a bronze medal in the Live Marketing category by Creative Club Austria. The highly dedicated and competent team is known for incorporating valuable ideas and important messages into their campaigns – now with Skiny Bodywear. This year they are also celebrating their third anniversary, congratulations!

The Visionistas is one of our Role Models. You can find an interview with the founders here on the Konsultori Blog.

“3 years of Visionistas – I don’t think I have to exaggerate when I say: If I had known what a huge adventure awaited me, I don’t know if I would have dared to… At the same time, I am incredibly grateful for what we are achieving here together with our customers and the team. Creating a little more awareness of important issues every day and helping to make the world a little better is really great.”

Anna Oberdorfer, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Linkedin

Azolla ecosystems convinced the jury

He came, he saw and he won. Philipp Loidolt-Shen, founder of Azolla Ecosystems has won 1st place in the 2021 Entrepreneurship Avenue Pitch Award.

Azolla is an investigative design lab focused on urban food production and resource and ecosystem conservation, deploying custom aquaponic systems in restaurants, bars, cafes, and supermarkets to produce fish and vegetables/fruit exactly where it is needed. This replaces imports and prevents overfishing of the oceans and degradation of the soil.

Live the Pitch Day | Entrepreneurship Avenue 2021

“1st at the pitch award 2021! Azolla Ecosystems fights foodwaste, overfishing, co2 emissions the degradation of our soils and the destruction of our biodiversity. By growing food, right where it’s needed!”

Philipp Loidolt-Shen, Designer and Founder of Azolla Ecosystems, Linkedin

Meetfox is one of the best

The Forbes Next 1000 celebrates a group of bold entrepreneurs and creatives who have managed to develop, grow or launch their businesses in recent years. Susanne Klepsch is well-deserved on the list: in 2019, she founded MeetFox, an appointment and meeting platform that soon moved from Vienna to New York. Today, the 13-person team hosts more than 16,000 bookings from freelancers, coaches, and consultants, as well as more than 16,000 video calls per month on the platform. Congratulations to you, Susanne, and your entire team for these wonderful successes.

The MeetFox team is extremely proud of our CEO, Susanne Klepsch, of being part of the next 1000 inspiring entrepreneurs of 2021. Very well deserved!

Tali Mandelzweig, COO & Co-Founder of MeetFox, Linkedin

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