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Traiveling business inspiration

The train. A wonderful toy for children, a means of adventure transportation for teenagers that opens new worlds, and an environmentally friendly means of transportation for adults. Taking the train is the perfect way to travel: You can have wonderful experiences without leaving a big ecological footprint.

Here, as Konsultori Business Inspiration, we present a startup from Vienna that we are very excited about. We are very happy to accompany them not only because they stand so much behind their company as a founding team, but also because we ourselves love to travel privately and their service is so much needed.

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Being on the right track – the perfect idea

Travel by train – Train-Travelling – Traivelling. It’s a term to remember because the two founders who coined it are well on their way with their company and are from Vienna. They make cross-border travel by train an easier experience than we experience without Traivelling.

All on board: a family business

Elias Bohun is one of those credible entrepreneurs whose interest comes quite authentically from his own experiences. At Traivelling, he reveals this himself:

“After graduating from high school, I went on a long trip to Asia, which changed my view of the world. I decided then not to fly anymore and realized that some of what seems impossible is possible after all, like my train trip to Vietnam. The idea for Traivelling was born during that time. I have always liked trains, from Brio to model trains. Constructing complex track layouts and then rejoicing when they worked was a favorite pastime of mine. Planning and booking complex routes fills me with the same joy today.”

When his father, Matthias Bohun, also joined the team, the journey as a “travel agency for train travel” really took off. They take a tedious process off customers… The Bohun does not only take orders for train travel but obviously enjoys route planning – the more complex, the better. Hanoi, Tokyo, Bangkok, Lisbon, Barcelona… Today, customers can already choose from five pre-planned routes, but the Traveling staff is also happy to help someone reach their individual destinations.

Beautiful success with slow travel

The company, founded in 2019, has since been cleaning up at start-up and business awards in many categories and making its customers happy. In March 2020, Greenstart was selected as one of the ten most promising business ideas of Greenstart. The magazine ‘Businessart’ awarded them as ‘Sustainable Designer 2020’. A little later, they were one of the TOP3-Greenstart-Startups and received their well-deserved prize money for Traivelling. The jury praised Traivelling in particular for the high level of professionalism the company has achieved in its Greenstart development work. They were also honored with the Vienna Mobility Award, the Austrian Mobility Award, and the award for “The Best Business Idea of Lower Austria 2019”. As usual, the Forbes editorial team has compiled a list of successful young people under thirty in the fields of business, culture, science, sports, and gastronomy in 2020. Among the 90 young people from Germany, Switzerland and Austria are also Bohun. You can read the great article here.

But the Bohun’s still have a lot ahead of them and want to digitize train ticket bookings worldwide and make the world of train travel more tangible for us customers. We’re already looking forward to it.

Konsultori congratulates

Can we have any more fun at work mentoring startups? We congratulate the Bohun’s on the success of Traivelling so far, but the journey is just beginning.

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