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Negotiation Tactics Basics.

Successfully conduct first (e-)negotiations in the business environment with suppliers and potential customers.

Each topic block starts with selected best practices and helpful practical experiences. You will work intensively on your own negotiation tactics in the workshop and receive direct feedback from the other participants and your trainer. There will be enough space for open discussions about your negotiation tactics with suppliers and in sales.

How to prepare for a negotiation

What is tactically important to achieve good results

Differences between customer and supplier negotiations

Specifics of an electronically conducted negotiation via email or chat

Live negotiation of a supplier and a sales contract, electronically

De-brief and negotiation framework to improve tactics in future negotiations

Our workshop format

When our workshop is suitable for you

Are you conducting negotiations with suppliers and potential customers? Do you want to learn how to prepare effectively for these negotiations? You want to understand the dynamics in negotiations and know the critical points? You want to test your skills in accompanied dry runs? Then this workshop is just right for you!

„Thanks, Petra Wolkenstein for being part of an amazing coaching team.“

Cristobal Alonso
CEO, Startup Wise Guys

Cristobal Alonso © Startup Wise Guys
Cristobal Alonso © Startup Wise Guys

„I was able to enjoy another great workshop at i2c last week. Petra Wolkenstein shared her knowledge on B2B negotiations with us. My personal highlight was a role-play we did. We formed teams of two-each person representing one of two parties- with the task to negotiate a deal. The scenario was about a scientist and a corporate that had to agree upon IP-rights so that they could bring a new product to the market. If successful, the deal would yield increased revenues to both, but they had different expectations towards the success chance of the project.“

Benjamin Mörzinger
CEO, Campfire Solutions

Benjamin Mörzinger © Benjamin Mörzinger
Benjamin Mörzinger © Benjamin Mörzinger

“Our incubatees raised their negotiation skills for B2B Sales & Partnering to the next level with the help of our negotiations expert Petra Wolkenstein. From understanding the theory and processes of negotiations to strategic moves and systematic preparations and overcoming difficult moments, our tech founders learned how to get more out of their negotiations.”

Alexandra Negoescu
Program Management, TU Wien Incubation Innovation Centre i2c

Alexandra Negoescu © Alexandra Negoescu
Alexandra Negoescu © Alexandra Negoescu
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Petra Wolkenstein © Petra Wolkenstein
Petra Wolkenstein © Petra Wolkenstein

Mag.a Petra Wolkenstein

CEO and M&A Expert at Konsultori, Driving Force at Key2investors

Petra is an expert in M&A and growth in the technology and creative industries. As a certified negotiation expert, she gets investors on board, negotiates partnerships and leads go-to-market initiatives with her clients. She is an international trainer for negotiations with accelerators in Germany and the Baltics and has co-developed a Scaling Academy program and coaching for international startups since 2016.

She has experience from the consulting industry (telecom, strategy, marketing) and 10 years of Mergers & Acquisitions projects in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Procedure and results



Offer and participation



Negotiation Tactics Basics



Negotiations Live



Joint de-brief and tactics improvement



Differences special negotiations



Accompany negotiations