Panel on Food Startups and Collaborative Innovation

Food-Panel-Konsultori-ViennaUP Lisa Reiss, Co-Founder of Smiling Food Richard Petrasek, Sustainability Expert and Researcher at FiBL Austria Wolfgang Fojtl, Owner and CEO of Verival

Why is the collaboration of diverse actors the “secret sauce” of food system transformation? This panel discussion will bring together various food system stakeholders to explore how collaboration across sectors and scales is key to transforming our food systems towards sustainability. Representatives from academia, the food startup community, and the established food industry will provide insights into the collaborative pathways and innovative practices shaping the future of food. Join us for an enriching discussion on food sustainability, innovation and cooperation!

Important details you need to know

  • Date: Tuesday, 4.6.2024
  • Time: 05:00 p.m. – 07:00 p.m.
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Panel on Food Startups

Join the online discussion “Food Startups & Collaborative Innovation” on ViennaUp!

Get to know our esteemed panellists:

Lisa Reiss, co-founder of Smiling Food

Lisa Reiss, CEO and founder of the Food/Biotech Startup Smiling Food is developing sugar substitute plugins without side effects for the biggest food and pharma verticals. With a diverse educational background in Nutrition and Management and jobs at esteemed organizations such as KPMG and Female Founders, Lisa started in March 2021 with the idea of duplicating sugar in a healthier way after her grandmother, a confectioner, got a sugar-related illness. In less than three years, with the help of crucial grant funding, Lisa and her five-headed team were able to bootstrap the research phase of their prototypes until their validation. Following the industrial runs with pilot clients, food and pharma manufacturers can seamlessly integrate a natural sugar substitute with the same taste, texture and volume as household sugar in their production facilities while prioritizing the satisfaction of consumer demands.

Richard Petrasek, sustainability expert and researcher at FiBL Austria

Richard Petrasek works at FiBL (Research Institute of Organic Agriculture) as a Sustainability Expert since 2011, he is a biologist/ecologist and has a Bachelor of Education. He is also co-head of the “Sustainability and Climate” department at FiBL. Since 2016 he took a leading role in Sustainability Assessment for private clients with the SMART audit tool, where more than 300 farms were analysed. Therefore he coordinated an assessment-team, analysed farms by himself and worked on the further development of the tool together with experts at FiBL in Switzerland. Mr. Petrasek also has extensive experience in preparing policy and agricultural recommendations. His main work and projects extend across the entire food system with a comprehensive view of sustainability.

Wolfgang Fojtl, owner and CEO of Verival BIO

Wolfgang Fojtl, owner and CEO of VERIVAL BIO, is a serial entrepreneur with a 30+ year track record. His passion for food, branding, entrepreneurship, and innovation has contributed to the success of VERIVAL BIO, an organic food company known for its commitment to quality and sustainability. VERIVAL BIO offers a diverse range of nutritious breakfast options, earning recognition as a trusted brand under Wolfgang Fojtl’s guidance. Verival is a market leader in the DACH region and has successfully entered the Asian market.

The conversation will be led by Petra Wolkenstein and Michael Kubiena, Konsultori Partners and experts in growth and organizational design. 

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Panel on Food Startups

Join the online discussion “Food Startups & Collaborative Innovation” on ViennaUp!