Compensation architecture and performance management via OKRs

Case Study Njuskalo © Konsultori


Njuškalo | Styria Media Croatia


Industry: Digital marketplace
Projekt: Compensation architecture and performance management via OKRs
Company: Njuškalo is Croatia’s leading digital marketplace. Njuškalo is a member of the Styria Media Group, a regional media corporation with print & digital titles as well as marketplaces in Austria, Slovenia & Croatia.
Contact: Manuela Mudrinić (Marcom, People & Culture Director)

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Initial Situation & Challenges

After a period of significant growth, both in terms of customer base as well as of the organization itself, and of intense work on corporate strategy, it was time to bring this very strategy to life while keeping up the remarkable momentum of the organization & its people.

It was thus an explicit project goal to identify & implement an approach which fits to the organizational maturity & corporate culture.


  • We decided that OKR (Objectives & Key Results), a recent & more flexible approach to performance management, was fit for Njuškalo’s current set-up. It was also the best way to actively involve the entire organization into an ongoing dialogue over performance, over the things that really make a difference for the company, its employees and its customers.
  • In addition, the job catalogue and job categorization was developed which formed the basis of the overall compensation architecture

Success Factors

  1. Continuous participation of the management team into the design & implementation process; at the same time, employees were involved for reflection and as a sounding board
  2. Creation of a sense of ownership so as to make clear that performance management is not just an HR instrument but a management tool.


  • A shared understanding that performance management via OKRs is not just a reward system but, moreover, a way of bringing strategy into the organization and making it come alive.
  • Job categorization, compensation architecture & performance management approach are well-synched and integrated.

About the collaboration

Manuela Mudrinić about the collaboration:

“Michael really understands how an organization ticks, what it needs and what it can handle. The entire management team and, subsequently our employees, appreciated how he went about our project. The solutions he designed are fit for our purpose and future proof. I truly enjoy working with Michael and can highly recommend his work.”

The HR Toolbox

Learn, how to design and implement effective HR practices.