Mergers and acquisitions Opportunities on a plate in the FoodTech field

MA Opportunities-on a Plate in the FoodTech field


German system catering (anonymous)


Industry: German system catering

Project: The client, a German medium-sized company in the system gastronomy had the need to find new food solutions or food tech solutions as a cooperation partner or for a full company acquisition. The management wanted to implement with an external partner: sourcing and getting a market overview in the ASG region in the sectors of FoodTech and Food Solutions to complement their own product portfolio, and the supply chain or to increase the efficiency of their own production methods. Likewise, the negotiations with short-listed startups needed to be supported by an external partner. The company wished to establish a strategic cooperation and a further potential overall acquisition of startups including the M&A process until a potential closing.

Company: German system catering (anonymous)
Contact person: Managing Directors (anonymous)


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The client was looking for strategic cooperations up to total acquisitions of FoodTech or Food Startups from the entire ASG region to improve the supply chain, the product portfolio or the efficiency of their own production methods. An in-house M&A team with tech expertise was not available to the client. The process was outsourced to Konsultori.


  • kick-off workshop with the matching of search criteria for potential target companies.
  • development of the longlist of potential candidates (70 out of 233 startups)
  • Anonymized preliminary interviews from the long list of target companies to improve the filter.
  • Presentation of 25 short-listed companies to the client.
  • detailed discussions with 11 companies
  • 4 companies start the M&A process with the client


Successful completion of strategic cooperation with two target companies after 5 months.

About the collaboration

Petra Wolkenstein, Konsultori about the collaboration:

After we had jointly aligned the company’s strategy with the M&A strategy, the collaboration with the client’s management was very efficient. Feedback was immediate and the management was always very quick with their decisions and the joint definition of the next steps. We are pleased to be able to make this valuable strategic contribution to the company’s success.”


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