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Partnering and Market Entry self-course

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If you want to be a world-class entrepreneur, you have come to the right place: constant learning and self-improvement are the first ingredients in the recipe for success. Konsultori knows this too, that is why we are gradually offering self-learning courses on business topics on our website. You can access these types of training whenever you need them. Self-study is very convenient for companies that cannot attend online events due to different time zones. The founder of Konsultori did not win the title “Ecosystem Hero” for nothing: The Startup Academy‘s mission is to share knowledge with startup founders worldwide to level the playing field.

Partnering & Market entry

After your first domestic sales, learn how to increase your reach.

What courses are available for self-study?

Konsultori Academy currently offers two self-study courses:

Partnering and Market Entry Models

Why is selling abroad good? What is the best way to sell my products internationally? How to develop an international sales strategy? Exciting questions for a startup that is already successful in its home country. Do you want to sell worldwide but don’t know where to start? Begin with the Startup Academy self-paced courses and gain up-to-date knowledge with the training Partnering and Market Entry Models.

What you will learn

Would you like to know how to calculate your market potential abroad? At the end of the training, you will know exactly. You will also find out more about which markets you should enter first and how you can sell internationally. You will learn about different partnership models for international sales and their advantages and disadvantages. Likewise, you will be able to create your go-to-market plan.

Your Trainer: Petra Wolkenstein

Petra is an expert in M&A and growth in the technology and creative industries. As a certified negotiation expert, she gets investors on board, negotiates partnerships and leads go-to-market initiatives with her clients. She is an international trainer for negotiations with accelerators in Germany and the Baltics and has co-developed a Scaling Academy program and coaching for international startups since 2016. She has experience in the consulting industry (telecom, strategy, marketing, media) and 10 years in Mergers & Acquisitions projects in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

“Petra is the best business coach I’ve ever met. She always tries to dig into your situation, not just giving common advices. She has clear and very fast mind, so it’s very easy to follow her suggestions.”

Aleksandr Bogachev
CEO, DataStoryTellers

Let’s start with the training. How can you register?

On the main page of the Konsultori Academy, you can always check the current self-learning courses. If you are happy with the price, just hit the start button and land on the registration page. With a simple registration, you can enter your course. Straight away, you can now access all the templates and tools and watch all the videos.

Partnering & Market entry

After your first domestic sales, learn how to increase your reach.