Supporting a cybersecurity Series A round

Supporting a cybersecurity Series A round




Industry: Cybersecurity Solution
Project: Preparation of investor search with financial planning and company valuation, as well as support of negotiations until closing.
Company:, Czech republic
Contact person: Richard Malovic, Managing Director


After a very successful first scaling phase following an excellent product-market fit and proof that the business model works, the additional development of sales structures and the further international roll-out are to be financed by means of a new round of investors.


  1. Support in the preparation of documents for investor meetings
  2. Financial plan challenging and scenarios
  3. Investor profiling and prioritization
  4. Structuring of the process
  5. Company evaluation and funding journey
  6. Briefing and debriefing in negotiation tactics and the overall process
  7. Prioritization and attractiveness of offers and negotiation leverage


Successful closing of the EUR 2.5 m financing round in April 2021.

About the collaboration

Richard Malovic about the collaboration:

Again and again, the location Vienna helps us, where there are many opportunities and contacts. Petra Wolkenstein, has accompanied us very well in the M&A consulting in the financing round.

Petra Wolkenstein about the collaboration:

Richard Malovic and his team have impressively proven that they can scale their product.  In structuring the funding round, it was a pleasure to work with Richard and see the planned negotiation tactics executed so beautifully.

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