Financial planning and investor search at startup go2market

Financial planning and investor search at startup go2market


Startup go2market GmbH


Industry: Market research. A supermarket with members receiving new products from brand owners and enabling market research with new tools.
Project: Preparation of investor search with financial planning and business valuation.
Company: go2market GmbH, Wien
Contact person: Thomas Perdolt, Managing Director


After the very successful launch of the Weekend Supermarket at the Vienna location, the newly founded company go2market GmbH is entering the expansion phase. In preparation for investor talks it became necessary to work out several things: a detailed financial plan with a realistic company valuation.these had to withstand the discussions with investors in all facets and underline the professionalism of the team.


  1. Driver model of the financial plan for the international roll-out.
  2. Scenarios for roll-out planning variants.
  3. Benchmarking of individual assumptions.
  4. Overview of the assumptions made.
  5. Mapping of the future financing structure.
  6. Preparation of documents for potential investor discussions.
  7. Company valuation according to 2 different valuation methods in 3 scenarios.
  8. Preparation of assumptions and results of company valuation for investor meetings.
  9. Adjustment of the financial plan for scenarios of individual investors.


  1. Successful conclusion of the first financing round.
  2. Successful completion of the follow-up financing round.
  3. Use of documentation in grant submissions.

About the collaboration

Thomas Perdolt about the collaboration:

Konsultori and Petra Wolkenstein are highly professional. Their experience was extremely helpful for us during the first round of financing. We were very happy that the documents and arguments we worked out in preparation were so well received in the investor search and discussions. I appreciate the calm, straight and honest cooperation, always keeping our goals and timeline in mind. We would not have made it in this time frame without Konsultori.

Petra Wolkenstein about the collaboration:

go2market inspires its customers and members not only as a concept. Thomas Perdolt has shown that a market research supermarket works. He set up the Vienna location in a short time.  Live market research is possible close to the customer with technology support. It is a pleasure to support Thomas Perdolt and his team in their expansion plans and their implementation. The cooperation is very efficient at all times. I am very happy that go2market was able to get very good investors on board. The expansion phase is thus financed.