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We love to follow inspiring stories and successes of our project partners and the startups and companies we accompany. The hard and insistent work of the founders and foundresses sometimes becomes visible only after a delay. That is why we congratulate you here and hope to inspire you as well with the success stories from the Konsultori universe. Let us rejoice together. Congratulations!

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Konsultori congratulates – February 2021

Despite all the challenges, we are happy to find happy business moments again and again. In 2021, we will continue to post positive content and collect the best inspirations and news. Read on to discover five fantastic news, strong entrepreneurs, and incredibly well-done projects.

1. Award for WowFlow

Oh, wow! Wowflow has received 3rd place at the European Retail Startup Night 2020! Congratulations Drazen Ivan is, this is more than deserved!

The founder of Wowflow, Drazen Ivanic, has made it his mission to improve the workflow in companies. He has been successful in doing so: Wowflow has become a modern and efficient solution for teams in technical building and real estate management. We recommend a content-rich Trending Topics video on the topic.

2. Mushrooms as vegan material

After numerous intensive coaching sessions during their Vienna Startup Package stay in Vienna, the startup Myotech from Indonesia is in the media! Congratulations – we are thrilled.

With Mycotech, affordable, durable, and sustainable materials made from mushrooms are no longer impossible. If you want to see something extraordinary, watch the episode „Mushrooms are now the new leather“ on the VenturePreneurs youtube channel.

3. Welcome to Vienna, international startups!

Great news: The number of applications for the Vienna Business Agency’s start-up package has increased more than tenfold in the last six years.

“The package should primarily help Vienna to be perceived internationally as a start-up location.”

Gerhard Hirczi, Managing Director at the Vienna Business Agency

Read more in the Kurier about the origins of the applicants and the reasons why British entrepreneurs are attracted to Vienna here.

4. Let`s talk Startups

ViennaUP’21 aims to bring together various international stakeholders such as startups, companies, policymakers, and talents. The partners and co-hosts of ViennaUP’21 will create experiences for a global audience in the Vienna startup ecosystem.

Expect interactive sessions and insightful deep dives in areas such as Smart City, Life Science, Creative Industries, Social Entrepreneurship, FinTech, and much more.

We will meet inspiring entrepreneurs in a very funny and well-done video series. With us, among others, Luka Mohoric, Startup Package participant with Animacel – an old acquaintance.

5. Game won

And the winner is… City Games! Congratulations to Tamer Aslan for the award, for Austria’s first urban game design studio!

“The further development of the urban game app A Monster A Day impressed the jury with its charming and innovative approach to virtual tourism in times of travel and exit restrictions. By means of the app, players can hunt monsters in Vienna and get to know curious sides of the city and its history – which is now possible for an international audience as a mobile game and with the inclusion of Google Street Views.”

Vienna Business Agency

What goes in the emergency. Stay tuned, we will be happy to support you at any time.

Business growth

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Konsultori congratulates in September 2020

Pitch von UP’N’CHANGE am Female Founders‘ Demo-Day

“The Viennese start-up UP´N´CHANGE makes professional coaching accessible to a broad audience for the first time in a digitalized, standardized, and structured form. It offers simple, low-threshold, and cost-effective 24/7 help for professional distress and is thus a completely new and anonymous form of digital support in professional life. With our digiTools, UP’N’CHANGE offers concrete and individual solutions for more efficient communication, collaboration, and creativity in organizations.” – says their Linkedin page.

They also showed how interesting and valuable their work is at the big Female Founders Demo Day.

On this important day, 9 startups from 5 countries presented their business concepts. They all completed the accelerator for female entrepreneurs, which supports them on their way to investor readiness. This was also a great test for a digital demo day, which was a fantastic success thanks to the great preparations and professional but relaxed atmosphere.

Among others, the Upchange Pitchdeck and presentation video are available and worth watching.

Viennese start-up Go2market reaches seven-figure investment sum

“Weekend Supermarkt”, founded by Weekend Verlag in October 2017, was renamed last July and will in the future operate under the “go2market” brand. Due to its success so far, it has also been able to attract two well-known investors. As the Viennese start-up announced, they were able to land a seven-figure investment for the upcoming internationalization.” – writes GM Berlin.

Executive Director Thomas Perdolt shared the following:

“The investment enables us to grow in terms of personnel and to push ahead quickly with our planned developments. In addition, it also provides us with the opportunity to take important expansion steps. After more than two years of development, it is time to roll out this unique project to Germany!”

Congratulations on this great development! How exactly does this exciting Viennese supermarket idea work? Learn more here about the Video.

Viennese startup Traivelling offers long-distance train travel to Asia

“For its sustainable business concept, Traivelling was selected as one of the top 10 finalists by greenstart, the incubator of the Climate and Energy Fund, in spring 2020. “As a company founder, you always have a hundred things to do at the same time. That’s where greenstart has helped us a lot in defining our milestones and setting deadlines,” Bohun says of the Climate and Energy Fund’s startup initiative. He also enjoys the exchange with other startups. – reads the online pages of the incubator.

The goal of Traivellings, founded by father and son, is to make rail travel in Europe more affordable. “Train-Traveling” stands for sustainability, environmental protection and adventure travel. We continue to wish all the best in the expansion of the offer and a lot of fun traveling for the young – and hopefully also the somewhat older – target group.

Studio Ivana Steiner shows the creation of the fantastic glass design

Austrian architect, designer, and founder of the studio Ivana Steiner is known as a designer of elegant, extraordinary luxury furniture. On her Instagram page, we can now not only admire the products but also get an insight into her working processes. How are metal and glass processed into art furniture for five-star hotels? How does Ivana Steiner find the peace she needs for inspiration to create? In the article of the Kurier, you can read.

Whalebone helped O2 to implement a new security product

We are always proud of Whalebone. What’s behind the name? “Whalebone protects your network from harmful malware and infected websites. Thanks to our global security intelligence grid it’s rapid – your network gets protected even without any software installation or various configuration changes.” We’re happy with the Whalebone team for being selected among the Best 5 „#cybersecurity solutions for #isp and #WISP at #ISPAs2020 Awards!“ And they deserve it if you look at their O2 product for example, which became the “best-rated telco product!” at O2.

Austrian Fashion Awards 2020 – Fashion in the spotlight

The MQ Vienna Fashion Week has barely begun and Christina Seewald has already received the Fashion Award of the City of Vienna. Congratulations! Our article about the talented knitwear designer and how she creatively deals with the crisis can be found here.

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Konsultori congratulates in December 2019

Contextflow awarded as best HealthTech Startup in Austria and starts the next phase with international financing round

Markus Holzer, CEO, and Co-Founder at contextflow GmbH, can really be happy about his successes with his team in 2019. This includes the greatly increased visibility because after all, they were awarded as the best Austrian HealthTech Startup at the Central European Startup Awards, as well as number 28 of the Top 100 Startups in Austria.

“Wow! We’re ranked #28 out of Trend Magazin’s top 100 startups in Austria for 2019 (and the highest of any #healthcare startup)! We would celebrate, but we need to get back to work so we can be even higher next year 😊
Markus Holzer, CEO und Co-Founder ContextFlow – 
via LinkedIn

And that’s not all, because Contextflow was able to close its international financing round with investors from Austria, Spain, and the UK to fund the next growth phase. Congratulations!

Contextflow is a spin-off of the Medical University of Vienna (MUW), the Vienna University of Technology (TU), and the European research project KHRESMOI. Contextflow revolutionizes image search in radiology.

Conversational Artificial Intelligence platform Hala.ai increases visibility with CIO Applications Award

Andrii Rudchuk, CEO & Founder of Hala.ai is happy about the recognition of the renowned CIO Applications Tech Engine magazine. Hala.ai has rightly landed among the Top 10 Solution Providers. We look forward to even more visibility in the future.

“I am glad to share with you that Hala was selected in Top 10 Cognitive Solution Providers 2019 by CIO Applications #cioapplications #digitaltrasformation #digitalassistants #artificialintellegence #smallwins #haladigital” via LinkedIn

Hala.ai is a Conversational AI Platform designed for enterprises. Building NLP-enabled digital capabilities (bots) that leverage ML and AI and integrating them with ERP, CRM, HCM and ITSM tools.

SEO for Youtube startup Tubics growth-hacks US market successfully and secures next round of funding

Claudia Eder, CEO and Co-Founder of Tubics is rightly excited about their funding round for internationalization and machine learning. The team has proven wonderfully that they can internationalize with their growth hack (cross-selling with AppSumo) in the US, which brought 2,000 new customers in 4 weeks. Claudia Eder and her team continue to rock.

“Marketing – Push in the U.S. – It worked pretty well for the Viennese startup. “In this collaboration, we acquired 2,000 new customers in four weeks and made over $230,000 in revenue. Part of that went to us, and part to the platform,” Eder says in an interview with Trending Topics. “It’s also given us a community that gives us feedback. That’s incredibly valuable to us.” 


tubics is a software-as-a-service platform that helps businesses grow their branded content on YouTube. YouTube SEO for brands

Business growth

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