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Taking over a business as an alternative to starting a new one has a lot of potential: Not only across the EU but also in Austria, the number of companies actively looking for business successors is rising. According to a study by KMU Forschung Austria (12/08), around 57,500 Austrian small and medium-sized enterprises are due to be handed over by 2018. This means that taking over a business is not only a good alternative to setting up a company but also an important economic factor with a total of 502,000 jobs involved.

Successful Succession Planning in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises on the EU Agenda

In the development of SMEs, succession arrangements are important strategic decisions to ensure the continued existence and further development of the company. The EU has also recognized this. The new DANAE program (Developing Advisors in a Novel Business Transfers & Acquisitions Environment), certifies experienced experts on the subject of “Advisors in a Novel SME Transfer”. This involves cross-border succession consulting for small and medium-sized enterprises.

The first 26 succession advisors certified throughout Europe

In the first round of certification in 2016/2017, 26 experienced experts from all over Europe were certified in order to make qualified consultants for business succession visible.

Konsultori is certified with Petra Wolkenstein

After successfully handling several succession projects, such as assisting Karin Haffert with the business transfer of beechange, Petra Wolkenstein was able to successfully participate in the first round of certification.

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