Alexander Svejkovsky © Alexander Svejkovsky

Alexander Svejkovsky

Petra helped us in structuring the key message and all relating documents for finding venture capital for a newly founded start-up in the field of green chemicals. Petra also provided us contacts and venture opportunities for our mission. We totally appreciated Petras’s very experienced, well-skilled but still hands-on way of working with us. Petra is …

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Dr. Adam Ernst © Dr. Adam Ernst

Adam Ernst

Petra’s highly structured and positive approach proved to be golden for Goldkehlchen. Her multiple challenges and understanding of our business challenges made her an indispensable sparring partner in the consulting process. She joined us as a coach and remains with us as part of our extended team.

Sonja Hager © Sonja Hager

Sonja Hager

Petra’s support with the sale of the company gave me the expertise and experience that I lacked in this area. I am delighted that we were able to bring the project to such a positive conclusion. The industry is not easy.

Karin Haffert © Karin Haffert

Karin Haffert

The sale of the company together with Konsultori went extremely well. The consultant’s experience helped with such a complex issue. The sales concept and the negotiation support were decisive.

Bernhard Thalhammer © Bernhard Thalhammer

Bernhard Thalhammer

Petra led a strategy revision process in a dynamic, expanding medium-sized company across several divisions under time pressure. She has the ability to get the most diverse division heads on board, even with difficult topics. The result was a perfect fit.

Astghik Der Sakarian © Astghik Der Sakarian

Astghik Der Sakarian

Petra Wolkenstein shares our enthusiasm for our work, thinks strategically and implements with us.

Lucia Schramm © Lucia Schramm

Lucia Schramm

Growing with (network) co-operations. A practical workshop. With pragmatic tools, each participant works out their personal next steps!!! It couldn’t be more efficient and to the point! Respect and high praise for Petra Wolkenstein!

Anna Derndorfer © Anna Derndorfer

Anna Derndorfer

Petra Wolkenstein demonstrates a high level of expertise and professionalism from the very first second. The workshop remained exciting right to the end and gave me lots of refreshing ideas. I look forward to further dates!

Martin Kircher © Martin Kircher

Martin Kircher

I enjoyed the workshop on customer acquisition measures for civil engineers so much that we are now going to get the whole office on board to implement the measures. The practical examples are motivating and show how customer acquisition can be strengthened on several channels – and that acquisition is something that can be learnt! …

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Karin Putzlager © Karin Putzlager

Karin Putzlager

Thank you very much for the workshop. My colleague and I really enjoyed it! We also think that we really learnt a lot from your presentation. In order for the implementation to take effect, we need a reserved time window, which we now have.

Karin Graf-Kaplaner © Karin Graf-Kaplaner

Karin Graf-Kaplaner

Petra Wolkenstein has a remarkable perceptive faculty, as she is able to fully engage with her counterpart. This enables her to identify business challenges extremely quickly and precisely and to point out possible solutions. What is invaluable for her clients: Her extensive network.

Martin Huber © Martin Huber

Martin Huber

I am delighted with the innovative impulses that Mrs Wolkenstein has brought to my company. I identify 100% with the positioning we have developed and my potential customers know immediately what we at HUBER GESTALTUNG stand for. Together, we will be able to tackle new marketing measures more quickly.

Christine Friedreich © Christine Friedreich

Christine Friedreich

I feel full of energy every time I leave Petra’s office and am much clearer and more positive. That’s what I say when someone asks me why I’ve been talking to this power woman regularly for years.

Manuela Mudrinić © Manuela Mudrinić

Manuela Mudrinić

Michael really understands how an organization ticks, what it needs and what it can handle. The entire management team and, subsequently our employees, appreciated how he went about our project. The solutions he designed are fit for our purpose and future-proof. I truly enjoy working with Michael and can highly recommend his work.

Betül Bildik © Betül Bildik

Betül Bildik

Working with Michael Kubiena was a really fruitful experience. He combines tons of experience and strong conceptual skills with a hands-on attitude: Exactly what we needed. Together we were able to create something entirely new & unique for the Turkish retail & hospitality industry as well as for the global Metro world, something which has …

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Konsultori role models - Antje Mayer-Salvi © Brick & Motar

Antje Mayer-Salvi

I regularly attend coaching sessions with Petra Wolkenstein from Konsultori because I need someone who can show me the right route like a navy officer. Petra does this in a very respectful way and in such a way that I never feel like I’ve done anything wrong. She’s always positive: “Yes, you’ve made it this …

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Stefanie Summerauer © Benedikt Weiss

Stefanie Summerauer

Petra Wolkenstein from Konsultori was very supportive and gave us an additional perspective. That’s very important, because inside a company you often perceive things differently than from the outside. We received a lot of good input on the topics of target groups, strategy in the crisis and positioning. The counselling helped us to see our …

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Philip Morger © Philip Morger

Philip Morger

Thank you, Petra for the great insights and helpful advices. Our Start-Ups gave great feedback and had a successful virtual conference!  

Lorenz Consult ZT GmbH copyright Lorenz Consult

Christian Lorenz

In Petra Wolkenstein, we have found someone who will provide us with consistent and targeted support in focusing our services and, building on this, will help us to decisively develop our presence in digital and social media. The contribution of her personal experience in dealing with these media and her corresponding expertise are a decisive …

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Nikola Ljusev © Nikola Ljusev

Nikola Ljusev

Petra is definitely one of the very best M&A experts that I met.