Options in succession

Expertise Optionen der Nachfolge

As an owner, you generally have 5 options when it comes to selling or passing on your business.

Handover in the family

You may have the option of passing the business on within the family, either as a gift or a sale.

Takeover by an employee

An employee, partner or management is another option to transfer your business to a new owner.

Total company sale

This is the sale of your company to a third party. This can be the management of another company or another company buys 100% of your shares. It can be a strategic buyer from your value chain or from among your competitors, or it can be a financial investor expanding its portfolio.

Asset Deal

In an asset deal, parts of the company are sold on a contractual basis. The rest of the company is wound up. The sold asset parts are integrated into the buyer’s company.

Voluntary liquidation

Often this is the last consequence when a company is unsaleable. The company is wound up and dissolved.