What is Key2Investors?

Key2Investors will support you and your startup on the way to investment readiness. Benefit from our experience of countless accompanied startup M&As . Our goal is to increase the speed of your learning curve and transform you into an expert on startup investments who avoids costly mistakes. Our processual approach will support you, independently of your current know how level. If you already are an expert on the investment process but lack the design skills to create state of the art documentation then that’s as fine as having no previous knowledge at all. We got you covered. To keep it simple we divided the whole process into 3 steps:

  • Investor profiling: Take your time when sourcing for an investor. Use your network. Think global.
  • Documentation: Hand in the right documentation. At the right time. To the right people. Personalized.
  • Negotiation: Be prepared. Know about your startup’s value, strength and weaknesses.

Try the alpha-version

Use the investor profiling tool with our database to identify suitable investors for your startup-stage, the right industry-background and geographical position.

Use our  multiples database to get a first range of your startup’s valuation.

Create a Teaser Document to communicate with your selected investors.