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Thank you Petra!

I want to share the comments received from the founders on the feedback form:

  • Amazing lesson should be a must for any founder, and life in general
  • it was really useful from a practical standpoint, clearly and helpfully delivered and felt like a safe space to learn, make mistakes, grow better.
  • This is really great, would love to have more practice on this topic, and so I am going to make sure I use any materials available to work on it more.
  • Great session. ! I don’t like role plays so was dreading it, but that was very useful. Thank you!
  • The practice part was very cool a bit more of „hardcore“ examples and tactics, seemed too nice
  • Interesting topic I was expecting to get to go more in depth of special techniques of negotiation, maybe doing the simulation after the explanation of techniques so that u can apply
  • Liked all of it! The interactive element was strong and really enjoyable.