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Konsultori erweitert sich um neuen Partner Christian Nehammer

Konsultori universe Christian Nehammer © Christian Nehammer

Meet our new Konsultori partner Christian Nehammer, a highly experienced finance and corporate performance specialist with an international background in top-tier management.

Being one of the best sailors in Austria (5 times Austrian state champion and Olympic participant), Christian used his experience to build up the controlling department of a telecommunications provider in Belarus. He significantly influenced the professionalization of Telekom Austria Group’s purchasing and led the largest and most successful cost savings project of A1 Telekom Austria, for which the company received the „Procurement Excellence Award“ in 2016.

As CFO of the Brantner Group, he was responsible for the „modernization“ of the financial processes and also headed the IT, HR, Purchasing and Project Management departments in addition to exercising the management function and power of attorney of several Brantner Group companies. At the same time as professionalising the finance functions, Christian Nehammer implemented the legal restructuring of the Brantner Group with 67 subsidiaries.

We are proud and happy to have Christian Nehammer, a top-tier #finance and #performance expert on board. Welcome to Konsultori.

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