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Startup scaling
B2B Sales & Price Setting

Increase your growth by building sales, revise your sales approach and pricing.

Each topic block starts with selected best practices and helpful practical experiences. You will work intensively on your own sales model in the workshop and receive direct feedback from the other participants and your trainer. There will be enough time for open discussions about B2B sales and pricing models.

How to successfully leverage B2B sales to grow as a startup

Define your B2B sales model

Revise your key sales processes

Rethink your pricing models

Our workshop format

When our workshop is suitable for you

You have already achieved initial sales with your product or service and are marketable with your offer? You want to grow through B2B sales? Then you are in the right place!

„The coaching sessions with Harald was really useful. They were more like brainstorming on the real-life cases, backed by his vast knowledge and experience – really good!“

Benjamin Mörzinger
CEO, Campfire Solutions

Benjamin Mörzinger © Benjamin Mörzinger
Benjamin Mörzinger © Benjamin Mörzinger
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Harald Gold © Harald Gold
Harald Gold © Harald Gold

Mag. Harald Gold

Sales- and Growth-Expert

Harald Gold has worked with over 60 national and international startups and their founders on their scaling/expansion since 2013. He brings his expertise in designing scaling business models, B2B and B2C sales and partnerships, as well as in valuation and CFO issues.
Harald’s experience is based on many years working in US, Central and Eastern Europe in various industries at Accenture Management Consulting and a boutique consultancy.

Procedure and results



Offer and participation



Sales as a growth engine



Sales models



Pricing models



Scaling key processes



Accompany implementation