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Home ยป Savings potentials and introduction of a continuous controlling process

Savings potentials and introduction of a continuous controlling process

Savings potentials and introduction of a continuous controlling process


Tierarztpraxis am Stadtpark


Industry: Animal Orthopedics
Project: Savings potentials and introduction of a continuous controlling process
Company:  Mag. Leichtfried & Dr. Haimel Tierarztpraxis am Stadtpark GmbH (Tierarztpraxis am Stadtpark)
Contact person: Mag. Christoph Leichtfried,  Dr. Georg Haimel 


The turnover development of the “Tierarztpraxis am Stadtpark” has been steadily increasing in the last years. This increase in turnover requires a constant adjustment of fixed costs, especially through additional specialized staff. With the growth, the pressure for investments also increases and the previous successful management also created room for investments. The goal of the project was to establish a monitoring of the current developments of the KPIs and profitability and to provide support for investment decisions.


An Excel-based data model was created on the basis of the accounting journal. With Power Pivot, Excel offers a low-threshold yet powerful analysis tool that offers many of the functionalities of expensive SQL-based solutions. The benefit is that you work in familiar Excel views, but in the background there is a stable and scalable data model. 

Success factors

Very few, because the concept is simple:

  1. Willingness of the owners to get involved in sometimes complex financial specifics
  2. Provision of the accounting journal on the part of the tax consultant
  3. Use of an up-to-date version of Excel


An analysis tool that is based on the accounting journal and, if required, allows a comparison with the previous year down to the individual document level. Simple and fast display of success KPIs such as DB, EBITDA and EBT. Simple comparisons with previous periods, also from previous financial years. Simple result preview of the annual result calculated from the actual data.

By actively and regularly dealing with the monthly report, it was possible to create a very good business orientation for “non” finance experts. The owners very quickly got a connection to the previously rather unfamiliar presentations of the accounting and are thus always up to date on where the financial journey will lead in the fiscal year. 

The engagement with the accounting data by the operational experts and owners has significantly improved the accounting quality and, in turn, the quality of the monthly reporting.

A simple and reliable navigation of economic KPIs for non-finance experts has been created.

On this basis it was also possible to create investment decisions based on ACTUAL data and thus to optimize or minimize the potential and risks in investment decisions.