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Refinancing veterinary practice

Refinancing veterinary practice


Tierarztpraxis am Stadtpark


Industry: Animal Orthopedic
Project: Savings potentials and introduction of a continuous controlling process
Company: Mag. Leichtfried & Dr. Haimel Tierarztpraxis am Stadtpark GmbH (Tierarztpraxis am Stadtpark)
Contact person: Mag. Christoph Leichtfried,  Dr. Georg Haimel 


The operational business development of the “Tierarztpraxis am Stadtpark” has been steadily increasing in recent years. This development was preceded by one-time investments in the seven-digit range. These investments were necessary for structural adaptation on the one hand, and for the medical facility on the other. 

These investments were financed by amortizing loans from the company’s bank. With the best credit rating of the company and an equity ratio of >40%, the real financing costs were 2.5%-3% per year.


On the basis of the existing balance sheets and operational reporting, a bank report has been prepared that summarizes the most important information for the banks. The operational reporting has presented the ongoing business development of the company.

Based on the reporting, a tender process was started with possible financing banking partners.

Success factors

  1. Translation of operating results into a readable form for external financing partners
  2. Summary of balance sheet information in a concise reporting format
  3. Broad network of potential banking partners
  4. Purchasing – “tendering technique” applied in financing 


An inquiry was made with a broad network of potential financing partners.

A structural comparison of all financing partners with regard to conditions and their legal framework was carried out. This resulted in the identification of a commercial best bidder.

With this market information, it was possible to reduce the existing financing of the house bank to the best bidder level.

The reduction of the financing costs has financed the consulting project for the controlling consulting part internally.

The reduced financing costs are sustainable savings that apply annually. Also, these reduced financing costs provide the basis for financing discussions for further investments.

About the collaboration

Christian Nehammer about the collaboration:

“I am very pleased to have assisted the veterinary practice at the city park with the transparent presentation of results and with the refinancing. Together, we were able to guide the doubling of results and fund the consulting project through debt refinancing.”