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Investor & Management Reporting

Investor & Management Reporting




Industry: Onboarding Software
Project: Controlling & Investor Reporting
Company: SignD
Contact person: CFO


Create a low-threshold analysis tool to better interpret the results of outsourced accounting.
Create documents for investors about the business development (investor reporting).


An Excel-based data model was created on the basis of the accounting journal. With Power Pivot, Excel offers a low-threshold, yet powerful analysis tool that offers many of the functionalities of expensive SQL-based solutions. The benefit is that you work in familiar Excel views, but in the background there is a stable and scalable data model.

Success factors

Very few, because the concept is simple:

  • Cooperation with the tax advisor
  • Provision of the accounting journal
  • Use of an up-to-date version of Excel


As a result of the implementation of the accounting software, the digitized processes run productively and efficiently.

Reduction of tax consultancy costs
Real-time commercial information available to CFO
Basis for performance relevant reporting