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Financing strategy and project financing

Case Study Financing strategy and project financing © Equinopathie nach Gundula Lorenz


Equinopathie nach Gundula Lorenz


Branche: Equinopathie
Projekt: Financing of the project
Unternehmen: Equinopathie nach Gundula Lorenz
Ansprechpartner: Gundula Lorenz


Equinopathy deals with developing (domestic) animals in a healthy and efficient way. The presented project “Equinopathy” is not a classical financing project that requires explanation in any case. The aim of the project was to structure the financing in such a way that a suitable financing with the necessary collateralisation was possible.


  • Structured bank documents with a project description as well as justified and proven financing needs of the company.
  • Preparation of a comparison of conditions (including collateralisation) of the bank offers.
  • Support/document structuring during the selection process of the financing bank.

Success factors

  • 50 years of experience in bank financing
  • Broad network for classic project financing partners
  • Translation of a project in need of explanation into “bank language”


With the help of Konsultori, the capital required to realise the project was obtained at market rates.