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Financial Management Suppenküche

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Financial processes and refinancing


Münchner Suppenküche


Industry: System gastronomy, Catering, Branch operation
Project: Introduction of cost center accounting, monthly reporting, optimization of Procure 2 Pay, strategy development & refinancing
Customer: Münchner Suppenküche GmbH & CoKG
Production company, 100+ MA, 13 mEUR Revenue
Contact person: Florian Fendt and Manfred Kneifel (Managing Director)


  • Raising of overhead structures to the size of the company and orientation towards growth
  • Introduction of corporate management tools (reporting, cost center accounting, …)
  • Increasing the profitability of the company with increasing sales growth
  • Healthy financing structure to enable growth


Rapidly improve profitability and processes by jointly achieving 4 milestones:

  • Stabilization of Finance functions and standardization of tasks.
  • Implementation of standardized management mechanisms and monthly reporting
  • Increase of short-term available funds to stabilize the relationship with suppliers; reduction of financing costs
  • Development of roll-out strategy for the stores

Success factors

  • Stringent process management in the finance environment
  • Many years of expertise in finance management to predict next events in addition to recommending actions to be taken
  • Tenders in refinancing, development of BATNA & good bank relations
  • Strategy development methods


Accounts receivable and accounts payable

  • Structuring & Process Management
  • Dunning
  • Standardized monthly reporting
  • Cost center accounting and reporting
  • Management JFX & result reporting
  • Strengthening of the team on the basis of defined job descriptions

Financing optimization

  • Tendering of short-term liquidity and leasing
  • Reduction of financing costs by 70%
  • Shift of short-term liabilities from suppliers to banks and thus improvement of supplier relations and payment conditions

Strategy development

Development of the rollout strategy and action plan for the branches (from 5 existing to 15)

About the collaboration

Florian Fendt about the collaboration:

“The objectives of the project have been implemented and our structures have been adapted to the next growth step. This allows us to approach our further expansion on a sound process foundation.

Particularly the expertise of Mr. Nehammer from a corporate or upper mid-market point of view enables us to reach our target structure faster through his involvement than would be possible on our own. We want to remain a fast and agile boat in our industry, so you need an experienced coach and trainer who not only provides strategic but also operational support in the engine room.”

The Munich Soup Kitchen was awarded the Grand Prix of Medium-Sized Businesses by the Oskar Patzelt Foundation! Congratulations!