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Digitalization of accounting

Digitalization of accounting


Championships Yachting


Industry: Boat building company
Project: Digitalization of accounting
Company: Championships Yachting GmbH
Contact person: Mag. Johann Spitzauer


Digitize accounting to spend less time searching for receipts and sifting through old emails, while providing an overview of business performance.


Using a web program, the receipts are photographed via the associated app and immediately stored in the account. The receipt only needs to be assigned to a posting account. In addition, an incoming invoice can be transferred directly in the program, so that the posting is immediately assigned to the appropriate document.

Not only will incoming invoices be filed, posted and paid, but quotes and outgoing invoices will also be written.

Success factors

  1. All incoming and outgoing invoices are entered, paid and submitted online
  2. Elimination of documents to be printed, no loss of invoices
  3. Due date of incoming and outgoing invoices is displayed
  4. Overview of company performance


All this leads to a massive reduction in time and paper. On the one hand for outgoing invoices, which happen in one place from the quotation and invoice creation to the due date and posting, and on the other hand for incoming invoices, which are uploaded, posted and paid immediately. Thus, everything is in one place.

In addition, we have introduced basic accounting rules that ensure the correct processing of entries, always in coordination with the tax advisor.

The result was reduced costs with the tax advisor.