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Controlling in business consulting

Controlling in business consulting


Pantarhei Corporate Advisors


Industry: Business consulting
Projekt: Controlling Modell
Company: Pantarhei Corporate Advisors
Contact person: Mag. Markus Schindler (CEO), Ilona Bugelnig (CFO)


Pantarhei had very good reporting from an accounting and legal (UGB) perspective, but no dedicated controlling view of the accounting results. There was a lack of a low-threshold analysis tool to analyze and interpret the results from different perspectives.


An Excel-based data model was created on the basis of the accounting journal. With Power Pivot, Excel offers a low-threshold, yet powerful analysis tool that offers many of the functionalities of expensive SQL-based solutions. The benefit is that you work in familiar Excel views, but in the background there is a stable and scalable data model.

n addition to the accounting presentation, a controlling chart of accounts was created, which presents the business mechanics.

Based on this model, a simple budget model was developed and the results of the first budgeting round were incorporated into the analysis tool. It is thus possible to view and understand individual time periods (e.g. 2021 to 2020) and versions (e.g. actual to budget) in detail in an OLAP-like environment and to draw the right conclusions from the accounting data.

Success factors

Very few, because the concept is simple:

  1. Use of low-threshold tools based on existing accounting data
  2. Transparency of results in the business area logic of the company
  3. Definition of target achievement (in the form of the budget), analysis of results and definition of measures


Simple and fast presentation of success KPIs such as DB, EBITDA and EBT. Simple comparisons with previous periods, also from previous financial years. Simple result preview of the annual result calculated from the actual data.

Fast monitoring of the relevant KPIs and thus improvements in profitability. The entrepreneurial success was made measurable!

The targets set by management were achieved by the company.