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Consulting & Support Performance Management – Purchasing Optimization

Consulting & Support Performance Management - Purchasing Optimization


Münchner Suppenküche


Industry: System gastronomy, Catering, Branch operation
Project: Tender for rented workwear
Company: Münchner Suppenküche GmbH & CoKG
Production company, 100+ MA,
Contact person: Florian Fendt, Manfred Kneifel (Managing Director)


Due to the tense situation during the Covid period, on the one hand there were staffing requirements that were difficult to plan, which in turn made it difficult to plan the required workwear and tied up liquidity when investing in large quantities. On the other hand, rising prices made it necessary to compare suppliers on the market in order to obtain the optimum price-performance ratio. In addition, there was existing in-house workwear that needed to be integrated into this process. The aim was to find a solution based on rental clothing, which would be made available to the employees of the Munich soup kitchen in their lockers, freshly laundered daily as needed.


In addition to the actual staffing level, the short-term employees (based on experience), as well as the planned increase in staff, were surveyed and the resulting workwear required in the future was compiled for the suppliers. A tendering process was developed, which means an efficient use of time resources for the Munich soup kitchen. On the basis of this standardized process, several supplier offers were collected and made comparable with the help of a survey profile. This made market prices transparent.

To reach as many potential suppliers as possible, a market analysis was carried out. Clear targets were set in the supplier discussions following the submission of bids.

Success factors

The most essential components of this successful tender were up-to-date data, planning and standardization:

  • Actual data at a certain date regarding personnel and current costs of work clothing
  • Planning of production development and required personnel
  • Standardized input forms for suppliers to make subsequent analysis and evaluation of offers efficient and comparable
  • Research for potential suppliers together with the department
  • Target pricing for suppliers


Change to the department’s preferred supplier

Significant cost savings (-30%) with better quality service