What you need to find impact investors


Clarify your financing options
Profile impact investors to narrow down your list
Be able to explain your market potential and SDGs well
Demonstrate a rather realistic valuation and financing need for your company
Have an easy to understand and comprehensive teaser document ready

Impact startups

You are one of the growing number of companies or startups that envisage to align with the Global Sustainability Development Goals.

You have successfully launched your product and are looking for financing possibilities to be able to expand your business.

Are you well prepared?

We can master your challenge to address impact investors directly or via our cooperation partner giivx. We work with you on preparing your documentation. We will challenge your content, whether it is your valuation, USP, market projections or your financing need. We are here to coach you so that you receive your optimal term sheet with a potential impact investor.

Our Services

We support you in your process to get a suitable impact investor on board.

We work with you on profiling the right impact investors, challenging and reworking your financial plan, discuss your financing options and valuation, the alignment with SDGs is done by giivx, as well as coach you through negotiation preparation and execution.


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Global Goals for Sustainable Development by Reedz Malik aka anakbrunei via flickr CC BY 2.0