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The HR Toolbox

The impact of a fit-for-purpose HR role & respective HR practices

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The role of HR and its interfaces

Key HR instruments & -processes and the employee experience

Recruiting & onboarding

Talent management & development

Job categorization & evaluation, career management

Compensation & performance management

What does HR currently do and what should it do in the future

Devising an HR roadmap

Feedback & reflection

You sense that a dedicated HR function might facilitate the growth of your company

You want to pay more attention to your employees, their engagement & satisfaction

Managers & leaders need the tools & support to effectively manage their people

Employee retention has become an issue

You have doubts that your company can attract the right talent

Standards for managing people are absent or lacking in your organization

You have a newly appointed HR Manager who needs support & guidance

Michael Kubiena © Konsultori Academy
Michael Kubiena © Konsultori Academy

Michael Kubiena

In his 20+ years of working across Central & South-eastern Europe, Turkey and the Middle East, Michael has gained experience in expert, managerial and consulting roles. Throughout his career Michael had managed HR-departments of various sizes, in start-ups as well as in corporate environments, primarily in the ICT & service industries. He worked on questions of strategic HR, compensation & performance management, talent management, on HR & management audits.

In his consulting practice he focuses primarily on organization design [in various industries] as well as on concept & strategy development in the food world and for non-profit organizations.

Michael has degrees in business administration [Vienna: 1996] and cultural studies [Istanbul: 2011] and an education in systems thinking & design [2015]. This combination, paired with his hands-on experience, allows for a rather unique perspective on what is happening in & with organizations.

His passion for good food and his interest in food practices and sustainable urban food systems, in particular, led to his civil society engagement with the Vienna Food Policy Council where he is one of the speakers.

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